Олег Газманов подаст в суд на власти Литвы и Латвии

Oleg Gazmanov can’t get into his own apartment. However, this apartment is not in Russia, and the Latvian Jurmala, where entry to the singer for two years as closed. In regards to the fact that in the Baltic countries Lithuania and Latvia banned it, Gazmanov decided to argue with the authorities in the legal plane.

In a recent interview, Oleg said that asking the government to help him find a lawyer and prepare a lawsuit, sent to the authorities of the above mentioned countries. For many years Gazmanov owns an apartment in Jurmala, but because of the “propaganda of Russian aggression” became a persona non grata.
“If they think they have that right, then let the money back that I spent on the apartment. And have him report not before me, and before the court” — said the singer.
Recall that in July 2014 during the annexation by the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian Crimea, a number of Russian stars including Oleg Gazmanov, Valeria and Joseph Kobzon have become banned in a number of countries. In particular, they are unable to get to the musical contest “New Wave”, regularly held in Jurmala.

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