Группа «Смысловые галлюцинации» попросила у фанатов денег на последний альбом

Together we can. Group “Semantic hallucinations” was used by the crowdfunding platform Planeta.ru to raise funds for their latest album “Hard times songs”. For the band this album will be the last, and after its release the band will cease to exist.

Until the end of October this year, the group must have time to collect 600 thousand roubles, and the investments they promised a gift of CDs with autographs, t-shirts with prints of the band, and even guitar frontman Sergei Bubanza.
The new plates will be included only one new song, all the rest of the disk space is cover versions of old hits.
“Many are turning to crowdfunding to connect with fans, we decided to give our fans the opportunity to immortalize their names in the last album “Semantic hallucinations”. For all of us this will be common, and we will be pleased to finally do something together with the fans” — said Nikolai Rotov, bass guitarist.
The band leader announced last year. In December 2016 is to be held the last concert “Semantic hallucinations”.

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