Юлия Ковальчук выиграла суд у пиар-агентства

Ex-participant of group “Brilliant” Yulia Kovalchuk was able to win and regain the money she intended to spend on the purchase of real estate. And the money the singer “knocked out” not with the man which the money was appropriated, and from a third party that is not directly involved in this scandal.

Here’s how the situation unfolded: producer Sergei Nikonov, which in a stellar coterie word dishonest man, a swindler and trickster, made a proposal to the Director of PR-Agency “Success” Oksana Romanenko help in acquisition of apartments in the new building at a bargain price.

“I was interested in. I decided to use his services. Then he pulled several of his friends. And one of our coworker recommended it to his friend – eks-the soloist of group “Brilliant” Yulia Kovalchuk. She, too, needed an apartment,” says Romanenko.

Nikonov from all of this group was handed over a sum of money as payment for the purchase of housing, but as it turned out later, the construction company this money is not seen as Nikonov them prevail and ran away: “When we went to a construction company, it turned out that any money he never recorded. Besides, I this rascal we still owe a large amount of PR it projects.”

But then for Romanenko began to develop still more interesting. Now it Kovalchuk began to demand the return of her money, which she invested in the new building. According to Romanenko, she Kovalchuk was in the same situation and they lost their money, but as the offer to buy a property of Yulia allegedly received from a representative or friend Romanenko, and the answer for the situation Julia made it.

“Give me my money!” said. “Julia, are you not yourself? – outraged. – I was exactly the same as everyone else.” But Julia did not let up. Been calling me. Scared powerful people. Demanded that I rewrote it on my car, which I really did not belong. Of course, she knew that I did not take the money. Julia even gave them said not through me and the same employee who brought her. I this money is generally in hands did not hold! But since Nikon was a client of mine, under pressure from Kovalchuk I had to write her a receipt, if I took the money to transfer him. And I was so nervous that falsely indicated the amount of 120 thousand dollars, although there were only 100″, — says Oksana.

This receipt was the basis for a claim in the court. Now, based again on the receipt, the court issued a decision that Romanenko have to pay Kovalchuk the money which she had lost: “Then there was something absolutely incredible. Bailiffs arrested not just my account, and immediately wrote off all the money – about three million. More I was nothing to take. By law they had no right to do. I don’t know how Kovalchuk is pulled.

Yulia this situation has not yet commented.

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