Oleg anofriyev to the last days of life were jealous wife

Олег Анофриев до последних дней жизни ревновал жену A few days after the death of the actor, his family and friends gathered in the Studio of the program “Tonight” on the First channel, to remember how he lived and how he loved.
Олег Анофриев до последних дней жизни ревновал жену

Oleg Anofrieva did not March 28. He died from a serious heart disease and was buried aksin’inskoe cemetery in the suburbs.

For 87 years of his life Oleg Andreevich had a lot – wrote and sang hundreds of songs, played in more than 130 films, voiced dozens of cartoons. His voice is familiar to everyone since childhood.

In the Studio of the program “Tonight” gathered friends and colleagues Anofrieva to remember the actor, his work and his life. Guests were also the people closest to the artist’s daughter Maria and granddaughter Natalia.

Oleg anofriyev was married only once – he lived all his life with Natalia Georgievna, Tlepshukov, which has long worked as a doctor in a Moscow pool “the Seagull”. For obvious reasons, the widow of the artist was not able to come on the show, about their relationship said daughter. According to Maria, the father loved his mother and was jealous to the last day of his life. Oleg A. always wanted to see his wife and insisted that the wife retired, as soon as she turned 55.

Олег Анофриев до последних дней жизни ревновал жену “He’s to the last days mother was jealous almost to a lamppost. Forced to leave work as soon as she turned 55. He certainly was a leader in the family, always insisted, but did as mom wanted me to. She always say nothing, and then say, “Well, can we do this?”, and dad gave up immediately, “As you wish, so be it,” – said the daughter of Oleg Anofrieva.
Олег Анофриев до последних дней жизни ревновал жену

Many colleagues Anofrieva remembered it as very funny and charming man. He loved to be the center of attention and always gathered people around himself. Being all his life a deeply married man, Oleg Andreevich recent years, readily admitted that kinoexpert loved to hit on pretty women. The artist does not hide the fact that “seduced” those he liked, but never thought about divorce, because I really loved my wife.

Олег Анофриев до последних дней жизни ревновал жену “I’m not amorous, but I was a terrible womanizer. But always proud of the fact that no woman said I love her. It’s dirty of course. But I tried to remain honest to my wife,” – said Oleg anofriyev.
Олег Анофриев до последних дней жизни ревновал жену

Wife Natalia in one TV interview to the First channel, commented on the actions of her husband: “I Want to walk, you can live. It is always better to remain silent. Let the man think for himself and decide. Obviously, he needed my hand, my shoulder.”

Oleg anofriyev and Natalia Tlepshukov lived together for over 60 years. Their only daughter Maria became the mother of two girls, Anastasia and Natalia, which in turn made famous grandfather’s greatest gift – the birth of an heir, great-grandson. The boy was named in honor of actor Oleg, he is now 6 years old.

Anofrieva granddaughter Natalia in the Studio of the First channel are unable to hold back the tears, remembering his grandfather: “he’s a kid. I don’t remember it me or my son said, “I’m busy”. I never thought of him as an artist. Just grandpa just sings. Grandpa was cheerful, always a bully, loved to live…” – said Natalia.