Daughter Anna Ardovs can not come to terms with the death of his stepfather

Дочь Анны Ардовой не может смириться со смертью отчима The girl grieved the departure of Alexander Shavrina. The young actress of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov Sofya Ardova openly talked about the relationship with his stepfather after his parents ‘ divorce and what a blow for her was the death of his father.

Sofya Ardova hereditary actress. Her mother, a nationally-known star of the sitcoms Anna Ardova, her grandfather stepfather mother – beloved by millions Aramis Igor Starygin, and the legendary Alexei Batalov had 21-year-old actress great uncle. In addition, her as my own daughter brought up the same actor – actor Aleksandr Shavrin.

Alexander Shavrin and Anna Ardova: the touching story of their strange acquaintance and sincere love

Anna Ardova and Aleksandr Shavrin began to chat when the actress was expecting a baby from the other. Ardova still not talking about the real father of Sophia, and daughter will never insisted for it Shavrin became a real dad. He died on the eve of 2018, he was only 57 years old, as it turned out, the man has long struggled with cancer.

Shavrina stepdaughter Sofya Ardova still grieved the loss of a loved one and tells about your feelings only in the present tense.

“I’m worried that, like everything, I just feel bad and everything,” said Sophia.

Ardova and Shavrin was married for almost 20 years, but in the summer of 2017 announced the divorce. Later Anna confessed that they had left long before the announcement of the breakup with her for some time lived with a daughter, and shared with Shavrina the son remained with the father. At the same time in social networks appeared photos of a joint vacation of the ex-spouses with children, and many fans were perplexed. Now Sofya Ardova first told reporters that actually occurred between parents after a divorce. It turns out that in their life and relationships really, little has changed.

“It does not explain, we do nothing has changed. We magic the Addams family. And lived just women with women, and men with men. Me with my mom more comfortable. I always had more contact, although the Pope was very fond of. And they loved each other always… was Supposed to start a different life. The children grew up, they did their parental duty. But until the end remained close people”, – said the daughter of Anna Ardovs.

Sophia told that the child she was happy. Her parents often made the house noisy gatherings and never drove a girl into the nursery. “We’ve always had songs, ditties, mother — with a guitar, a lot of people, noisy, smoky, all drinking, and laughing… Sometimes the neighbors even called the police. Then he resigned. (Smiles.) It was fun to sit with your parents and not with other children, and even mom me a little bit of wine poured,” the nostalgic Sophia.

Now Sofya Ardova lives alone, plays in the theatre and trying to get into the movie. The actress admitted that while she attempts to make a film career is not very successful. “Lately it often happens that after some trial mom (actress Anna Ardova. — Ed.) write that I’m super-duper. What do I get? Take me then. But try not to get upset”, – quotes Ardova womanhit.ru.