Fans of Olga Buzova made a crush and got into a fight at her concert

Поклонницы Ольги Бузовой устроили давку и подрались на ее концерте The performance of Ekaterinburg has passed with scandal. According to local residents, on the show Olga Buzova allegedly sold significantly more tickets than available seats in the club. Therefore, some of the celebrity fans were very unhappy.
Поклонницы Ольги Бузовой устроили давку и подрались на ее концерте

Yesterday evening television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova made in one of the clubs of Yekaterinburg with a big solo concert. The star has pleased fans of their favorite millions of hits. Olga was supported with applause. However, the event was not without incident.

According to some, the speech Buzova has sold two thousand tickets (other sources say 2500), although the hall was designed for 1500 seats. Therefore, there is a tense situation. According to eyewitnesses, there was a stampede, and then someone fainted from the heat.

“The feelings, if to compare with other concerts, there were many people. To move was impossible, people fainted because of the heat, break through the crowd to the fresh air was very difficult. One of the hottest spots was the fan zone, which was fenced in, but not done the normal way. So when someone tried to leave to go to the toilet, he was going to RAM into a crowd that was outraged and there were conflicts,” — said a fan of Olga in the local public.

The girl expressed her resentment of the situation. “Some rules and security measures should be? How is that possible?” — she was indignant.

But the crush and the fainting did not stop. According to local journalists, two fans of Olga got into a fight at a concert. The conflict occurred between the spectators who were in the fan zone, and the fans of stars who bought tickets away from the scene on the dance floor.

“They started to fight I have not noticed. They say that one of the participants of the conflict poured another beer. In the end, had to intervene protection”, — the eyewitness told the journalists.

At the same time, the PR Manager of the club says that the rumours that tickets were more than places, are not true. A representative of a night school said that they always care for the safety of visitors. He explained what happened, the inability of some guests to behave.

“The concert was attended by about 1,500 people. It’s a normal club. We will abide by the rules of fire safety and all the rules. The security service acted properly and regulate the flow of people. No crush was. It’s just the behavior of people who often do not know how to behave: they jump, run,” say the club.

On materials of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the URA and the public “the Incident Ekaterinburg”.