Oksana Samoilov dramatically changes the life

Оксана Самойлова кардинально меняет жизнь The wife of rapper Dzhigan Grand plans. Oksana Samoilov decided to start small and gradually came to transform your home. Celebrity hopes that her desire for change will soon take place.

      Оксана Самойлова кардинально меняет жизнь

      Not so long ago, Oksana Samoilova returned from a trip to Europe, where she went with her husband, rapper Djigan. Now, after several days spent in Moscow, mother of two children realized that she dreams about big changes in life. However, Oksana chose not to act rashly and gave myself some time to think about where to start the change. About it she decided to tell the fans.

      “The soul demands change. Urgently need to make repairs or to change the house. But I’m not overreacting, I decided to start with new dishes. Maybe let” – shared with subscribers Samoilov.

      Inspiration celebrities just picked up her numerous admirers. They supported the decision of Oksana not to get excited and start changing gradually. And some found that they themselves want a change of scenery.

      “Yes, you can and repair. Until the summer to live in the country. But still, better dishes, new curtains and rugs save”, “thought I had only the soul requires it. I four times a year doing some redecorating”, “Here are the women! In the house, though of curtain, although the dishes, but buy it is necessary new! Of course the repair! Not let”, – shared his opinion in the review fans of Oksana.

      Оксана Самойлова кардинально меняет жизнь

      Creative impulses Oksana Samoylova could implement in their work. Not so long ago the wife of the musician decided to develop her own clothing line for children. Fans for a long time admired how good the young mother picks up outfits for the two daughters, Ariely and Leia. Oksana decided to give a chance to fans, who have children, putting the heirs in the model of their own ideas. A businesswoman decided to depart from the usual standards when kids choose bright and light colors, and introduced a collection of clothes of dark colors.

      “It will be for girls two to eight years, little boys two and eight years, a bit because I don’t understand how the boys dress up. And generally decorate them. Soon catch up novohrodivka, 0-24 months. Fall will shape up to fifth grade. All in the style of my daughters. Mature, but not too sweet, but not cloyingly. Bows are almost there. And a lot of black” – so described their product wife Dzhigan.

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