Бейонсе устроила второй медовый месяц Contrary to rumors of divorce, the singer shows a happy family. Beyonce and Jay-Z found time for each other and escaped to the Hawaiian Islands. The parent company amounted to daughter Irie blue river.

      Бейонсе устроила второй медовый месяц

      Beyonce and Jay Z left the family nest and went on an unforgettable journey. For the rest of the star couple chose Sunny Hawaii. Dense tropical greenery, Golden beaches and the hospitality of the locals makes this area of Land is truly a Paradise. Most on the island like daughter artists Irie blue river. The girl was all excited about the holidays with my dad and mom.

      Apparently, a kind of reboot was required the famous family. Lately do not cease talking about what a life together, Beyonce and Jay Z threatened. Allegedly the rapper hides numerous of infidelity, and his wife tolerates it for the sake of his daughter.

      Бейонсе устроила второй медовый месяц

      The teacher of the singer, a vocal coach David Lee brewer, who recently came to Moscow, shares the view of the majority of people around Beyonce that stars divorce is not far off. The man worked in the state of the singer eleven years and had time to study her character. David believes that the star had not done this until now for fear of repeating the fate of their parents.

      “Beyonce, I knew, was absolutely fearless girl. Girl, eight years old was anything. Nothing could break, except for one thing — her parents ‘ divorce. She is very afraid of this. Mother and father argued constantly. Beyonce didn’t sleep the night because of their experiences. And so it happened. She is very afraid to repeat the fate of their parents. Because Beyonce is cheating on her husband Jay Z, and she knows about it,” shared a teacher.

      Meanwhile, despite all the gossip, celebrity couple in the spring, said eighth wedding anniversary. Then, in April 2008, for a modest official ceremony was followed by a fancy party in the penthouse of Jay-Z in new York whose guests were members of the family and the closest friends of the stars.

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