Бывшая жена Александра Кержакова показала дочь Catherine Safronov published pictures from a three-month Stephanie. Followers were quick to leave enthusiastic comments. They call the baby a real Princess and was glad for the large mom that her life had a beautiful daughter.

      Бывшая жена Александра Кержакова показала дочь

      In late March, ex-wife of the famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Catherine Safronov gave birth to a girl. The baby was born weighing three kilograms. Catherine carefully hid his position interesting and wanted to spread the word about the birth of the third child.

      Ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov gave birth to a daughter

      Now, after almost four months, Catherine decided to show all of his fans a little Stephanie. By the way, the girl’s name she chose before she was born. Fans were delighted with the lovely little girl. They wished her daughter Catherine’s health, and mothers to have time to deal with children. “A pretty doll”, “Pasazerka this even know who”, “Kids that look like you know something we do not understand, adults. Perhaps, though, you know,” commented the followers of Catherine.

      Бывшая жена Александра Кержакова показала дочь

      Now Catherine is completely enjoying motherhood and taking care of the girl. Many fans remember the scandal that broke out between the Catherine and Alexander for the right to educate their son Igor. The athlete claimed that his former common-law wife suffered from drug addiction, but because the child would be better off to live with his father.

      Alexander Kerzhakov: On Catherine’s son does not remember

      “Whatever happened situations in life, there are things that cannot be forgiven, and not so much towards himself, but towards his own child and the fact that his life was endangered. The whole story was made public against my will. I tried not to make it to the public, but the party, alas, decided otherwise. I will say this: everything that happens in life – certainly for the better” – explained the situation, Alexander.

      After the court determined that the son should live with his father, the new wife of the famous footballer managed to become the boy’s caring mother. Milan Kerzhakov got along great with offspring and a spouse considers it a part of their family.

      “Igor is always with me and Sasha. I can’t and don’t want to entrust it to anyone. If you do not take into account the legal component of the question, of course, I think the Igor family man,” said Milan.

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