Оксана Федорова принимает ванны Клеопатры

Miss universe shared their beauty secrets.

Oxana Fedorova, the only Russian woman who managed to win the title “Miss universe”. I think we finally found out what the secret of her success and beauty. All just, the whole trick is in the milk!

The presenter repeatedly said that it is for healthy lifestyle: he leans on fruits and vegetables, with the winter with her husband walking in the snow and hardens, sit-UPS daily, and my husband takes Boxing lessons. What Fedorov is silent, so it’s about the method of Cleopatra, which she had long enjoyed.

The social marathon “Three dairy products per day” Oksana spoke about her secret beauty secret.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was not only beautiful, but also very wise lady. Of her beauty was legendary. Many say that one of the secrets of beauty lady of the state on the Nile, with taking milk baths and drinking large quantities of milk. Sometimes I go as Cleopatra. If after practice you feel that the muscles are very tense, cheer, gain and a hot bath and add to it two large cartons of milk. The next day the muscles in order, I’m again ready to workout. Take note! Everyone knows that dairy products are a good influence not only on health but also on the beauty of the skin. So in my daily diet always have kefir, yogurt, milk, and at night I be sure to drink a glass of kefir”, – said Oksana.

By the way, Fedorov was not the only star who believes dairy products are the key to health and beautiful appearance. The action was also joined by actress Olga Kabo and singer Anna Semenovich.

“My morning today began with a smile, son, sunlight and favorite cheesecakes mom’s recipe of non-fat cheese, cooked, way, too personally – with cinnamon, vanilla and walnuts! And on top of sour cream and jam. A hearty and healthy Breakfast from childhood!” – says Olga Kabo.

But Anna Semenovich dairy products escorted by literally the whole day.

“You very often ask the secret of my outstanding attractiveness. Today I decided to share with you. Since childhood I drink lots of milk. With a glass of milk starts my morning, in the afternoon in my purse you can always find useful yogurt, and before bed I drink biokefir”, – said the singer.

If Fedorova, S. and Cape, then the path to more beautiful skin and body is simple – you just have to drink milk! Let’s try another life hack from the stars!

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