Елена Крыгина написала книгу

Makeup artist and beauty blogger, whose advice to listen to the hundreds of thousands of girls in the network, is releasing his first book.

Elena Krygina can rightly be called a role model. She literally made herself – from a simple makeup artist cosmetic store has grown to one of the most sought after beauty experts.

Worth Lena start your video blog with lessons of makeup at all occasions, as the girl turned into a guru with their industry.

In short videos on YouTube Krygina told how to “make” the new eyebrows, makeup for oily skin, adjust the proportions of persons in the spirit of Kim Kardashian. By the way, the video about the eyebrows gathered more than a million views. So in a network like eyebrows from Krygina. It is therefore not surprising that tickets to the master classes Lena immediately fly, but if she holds an open class, it is sure to be a crowd of spectators.

A year ago, Krygina promised fans that they will be releasing a book with detailed lessons. And kept his word, in September the publishing house “AUDREY” will “Makeup” from Krygina. To see the first page of the publication, and also chat with the author himself can before – 4 June as part of the annual book fair “Books of Russia” on red square.

Come June 4 at 12:15 in the area of NON-FICTION No. 5.

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