Заподозрили, что Дубцова фотошопит пляжные снимки

Irina with her son resting in the Maldives and actively share pictures with followers.

“”Clumps-clumps” – advised to sign a photo chernitsyn_official”, signed beach photo Irina. The celebrity decided to take a vacation and along with his son Artem went to Paradise – to the shores of the Indian ocean to the Maldives.

But not beautiful, not the sea not the sand intensified the fans of the stars. Dubtsova shocked the audience with their perfect figure! Toned legs, tight buttocks and a gorgeous press!

Army subscribers began vigorously to comment on the figure Dubtsova.

“Irina, your efforts were not in vain! You look beautiful”, “Elegant figure”, “Just beautiful. Figure – super”, “you lost weight”, “How are you so much thinner? You look great!”, commented followers. And even the splits, the singer of the village without difficulty!

By the way, after the birth of Irina for a long time struggled with excess weight. Star few years has been like a seesaw – you will lose weight, it will recover again.

But apparently, the singer decided to take myself in hand and determined decision to give up everything tasty, but harmful! Not so long ago, she could not decide which sport to choose and she even consulted with the fans. The result is obvious – Dubcova looks perfect.

But there were also those who did not appreciate the imagery of stars and suggested that Irina used photoshop. “Thin or photoshop?” – asked users of the networks.

We asked professional photographer Tina Noise to evaluate photos of Irina Dubtsova on the subject, is there any treatment of the images of stars.

“Now photoshop owns any housewife! To look good in Instagram, do not have to use make-up to go to the gym. On this photo we can say that an explicit “error” photoshop is not here. Missing the “floated” walls, horizons and boundaries, not even a second navel. However, Irina changed so quickly that you cannot even believe! Perhaps this photo was skillfully photoshopped by a person who is nice to own this program.”

Meanwhile, Alina Kabaeva shocked the audience at the opening of the children’s festival of rhythmic gymnastics: Olympic champion lost a lot of weight and looked amazing!

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