Nyusha told what she had to sacrifice for the sake of pregnancy

Нюша рассказала, чем ей пришлось пожертвовать ради беременности Soon, the singer will become a mother. Nyusha admits that for the sake of the unborn baby she had much to change the work schedule. Now, however, the young woman feels absolutely happy.
Нюша рассказала, чем ей пришлось пожертвовать ради беременности

The singer Nyusha has long ceased to hide the pregnancy. On Muz-TV, a young woman appeared in a red dress which emphasized her rounded tummy. The actress was accompanied by husband Igor Sivov, who support the star.

According to the NYSE, the husband was incredibly happy when I found out about the pregnancy. It is some time concealed from him an interesting position, to ensure the imminent addition to the family.

Now the actress is all prepared for the completion. In order to fully enjoy the interesting position she even had to withdraw from many performances.

“If I used to have lots of sports activity, I was tired and slept little, before finding yourself in an interesting position, decided to treat myself. Began to sleep more, to relax a little has reduced its touring schedule,” – said the singer.

According to the NYSE, it did not completely abandon creativity. The young woman continues to speak and dance. She stressed that the doctor has encouraged such physical exertion.

The actress is sure that modern women don’t need to completely abandon your old way of life for the future baby. “The doctor says: “Pregnancy is not a disease”. If there are no contraindications, you can be almost anything. Many social networks wrote: “how is it? You’re in position, and continue to work, move, dance”. First, it is a private matter. Secondly, it depends on the organism,” said Jane.

According to a young woman, she had not been much change in character. Sometimes, however, Jane allows herself to be capricious.

“My husband does not want to torture, he does too much for me. That is, if, for example, oranges are in the fridge and I’m too lazy to stand up – Yes, I could exploit. But if three o’clock and they have to go to the store, then no,” – said the artist.

While Jane is not faced with changes taste preferences. However, the young woman does not deny that it may overtake it in the future, because before birth to a few more weeks.

Despite such revelations, the star wouldn’t share with the “KP” detail on the sex of the child and the selected name. The star prefers to advertise personal life, taking care of privacy for the family.

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