“In history, I will remain as the man who opened Vysotsky”: rules of life of Stanislav Govorukhin

«В истории я останусь как человек, который открыл Высоцкого»: правила жизни Станислава Говорухина The actor died after a long illness. Stanislav Govorukhin remembered by the audience as a thinker, who Radel for the Russian cinema. Many actors are grateful to the Director for his efforts.
«В истории я останусь как человек, который открыл Высоцкого»: правила жизни Станислава Говорухина

June 14, died a famous film Director Stanislav Govorukhin, the Creator of such films as “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, “style jazz”, “Weekend”, and many others. About Stanislav Sergeyevich often talked thinker – his interviews were always clear and balanced, accurate and topical words and thoughts clear and understandable to everyone. He literally worked for the Russian film, trying to make it better and to teach “pop-korovou” the audience for good cinema. “StarHit” presents snippets of those interviews, which show what was Govorukhin.

“In recent years I Wake up thinking “where’s the money to get a new picture”. Every time you have to start from scratch. Frankly, all of my paintings are unprofitable, starting with the “Voroshilov arrow” and ending with the last. For me, the biggest compliment when after watching come to me and say: “Your painting is a breath of fresh air.”

Movie should not harm, because it still is the most important of the arts. We watched one movie a week, and now every day there is a new picture, therefore every Director should remember: do no harm! Sadly, with the Russian cinema every year harder and harder, very few Russian films pay off: films for the youth audience, the fighters, or hilarious Comedy, but just a movie for morons. Consider that all professions are needed, but there are three required: a teacher, a doctor and defender of the Motherland. But why then in Russia, they are still the most miserable? The country in which the teacher barely making ends meet, has no chance for survival! And we have poor teachers, Museum workers, workers of culture… Yaso skepticism looking at the future and hate talk: “all Right, all right, everything will be fine!” Show me the Foundation of what everything will cost?!

«В истории я останусь как человек, который открыл Высоцкого»: правила жизни Станислава Говорухина

Hollywood, you say? While Volodya (Mashkov – approx. ed.) penetrated in these Hollywood films, he lost a lot of good roles at home. He is a great artist, and by going there, he only killed himself. Why do we always say “to be filmed in Hollywood,” cool, but they play either bandits or monsters. Here Khodchenkova played some ugly, ugly (Viper – the Central female role in the film “Wolverine: Immortal”). When I saw, I sympathized with her!

Last years I make movies about women. Think it’s beautiful, besides the woman is inherently a statesman telling you as a Deputy of the state Duma. Men often think of career, money, and the woman about the children of the family means, she thinks about the country where they will live with her children, watching where we go, what we will do. Why, then, in Parliament women less than 10 percent?

I worry about young filmmakerswho do not use computer graphics looking for new young actors, to open new names. They do real art, but they are less every year. A pity, for them and kept the cinema. In recent years we have lost the moral censorship that should be in any civilized country, it is freedom in any society. What do you argue, if often have to hear: save us, our children from such TV vulgarity. Moral censorship needs to monitor TV, cinema, art. And we have absolutely no.

«В истории я останусь как человек, который открыл Высоцкого»: правила жизни Станислава Говорухина

In history, I will remain as the man who opened Vysotsky. But I don’t think so, because I’m not invited him to the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”, and he is me. Once Vysotsky’s calling: “I’m Vainer brothers said that they got the good role. You read the novel, I don’t have time in the Pařížská (that’s what he said!) leaving.” I took the novel “Era of mercy”, read and understand what you want to shoot this picture. My paintings seem young? So for 80 years I have learned how to “play” the young Director. God forbid I make a boring picture. I hate that as a viewer, I just don’t forgive, then say, “Well, Govorukhin in the insanity…”

Why do you think that in my paintings I call media actors? Before “Battle for Sevastopol” about Yulia Peresild no one knew although she’s wonderful! And Maxim Matveyev still know how her husband Boyar, although the time will come, and about him they will say: “Oh, Liza Boyarskaya is the one that Matveev wife?”

I have for many years, Yes. But at some point I realized that I need to forget the word “pension”. After 60 years of life has just begun, these are the best years, we can say peak physical shape, and mental shape. At age 60 I began to draw, and today it is a professional artist.

I don’t know what will happen to our country. Not solved many of the problems that concern everyone. For example, what Russia will be like? Yes – so, what will grow of its citizens, today’s children. But we have already lost a generation or two, judging by the pop kornevoi the audience that now fills movie theaters.”

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