Julia Wang was suspected of multiple personality disorder

Джулию Ванг заподозрили в раздвоении личности The famous witch decided once again to shock fans. Julia was photographed almost naked, netizens were horrified by the gaunt appearance of the star of “the battle of psychics.
Джулию Ванг заподозрили в раздвоении личности

The winner of the 15th season of the popular show “battle of the psychics” Julia Wang continues to surprise their fans. She is remembered by many viewers slender blonde with long hair, full lips and bright makeup. Now, however, netizens noticed that the witch has dramatically changed the image lost a lot of weight, began to give preference to short hairstyles.

Many fans had asked Julia to return to the previous image. She, in turn, negatively expressed in the address of all the fans.

“What kind of notions of what “beauty” you can tell if it is a society of degenerates and degradantov? Standards of beauty, goodness, honor, and the rest of Imbeciles, apparently, absolutely different from ours and completely perverted. I have always looked is the fact. If someone is not satisfied with what I actually like is not always organized and everyone who tried to distort me in all possible and impossible ways, you can continue to pray for a burp of the television channels and their perversions. It is only a certain amount of your non-existent the same opinions that you can knead yourself at home on the bed. I tell them not necessarily, I have the bags over. You are, in principle, no, and not your brain. You are just a ripple in the nonexistent water.All what you believe: “the ideals and standards of beauty”, “God”, “values”, “peace”. This is a complete non-existent, stupid templates and delirium. All you throw to eat the blessed media is a cattle feed, a homogeneous slurry, so as not to chew. The real me you never knew. Do not know. I wrote this text with the full understanding that just stuffing it in anywhere of your missing brain. It will not change anything, this is just a statement. I have everything, thanks for attention. Unable to continue” – said Julia.
Джулию Ванг заподозрили в раздвоении личности

Julia is always quite frankly communicated with the users of the Network and regularly answer their questions. Earlier fans were wondering why the celebrity has decided to get rid of long hair.

“They do not require styling unlike the women’s. I imagine a guy running around with Fenicle and brushes. I lack any abilities to styling, therefore, carry strict hairstyle with precise lines,” reported Wang.

Also the winner of the mystic of the show did not hide from the fans that don’t like living patterns and adjust to someone invented standards, she openly despises most people. According to her, only thinking person able to perceive its position and way of life.

“My young man told me then that he, of course, I wish I had long hair, but once they grow and I with them wildly comfortable, the only thing he wants me to be happy. And even got me a haircut, this so I don’t have to put her down. The result – I’m happy! And I don’t care what anybody thinks, believes and everything else,” admitted Julia.

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