Nyusha started talking about the date of conception

Певица Нюша заговорила о дате зачатия
Nyusha is in the final months of pregnancy. Right now she needs to be in a state of tranquility and joy.

Певица Нюша заговорила о дате зачатия

But in the end the artist every day reading negative comments:

“I’ve been wondering, how do you think mothers during pregnancy should/shouldn’t read Instagram)? Or rather the comments under his own pregnant/air-posts)))? Because reading your, I certainly used to react with deep irony))) but I think that not all future moms ready to accept phrases like, “how can this be, when are you gonna have”; “you th 2 years as pregnant” (although if you believe the press have all 3) Or, “that elephant” , why not just sing? ))), fantasy is not enough, develop))) can you hope to find out how I now calls husband)? Level of tact,of course, rolls. And why are you pretending to know the date of conception. All the same press you to help)???”

– Nyusha writes in his blog.

All these people create quite a pleasant experience… at first glance:

“It is sad that by accessing the accounts, I see at first glance like normal people… nothing worth mentioning, as they say, trouble…
I sincerely hope that rude people will be less in our world every day, well no wonder people invented schools, universities and academies. Well, those who have not yet passed from the stage of development of “Neanderthal man”, please forgive me for emergencies”
– adds the artist.

Nyusha, abstain for a couple of months from the phone, the haters are not going anywhere, and the baby’s health is more expensive.

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