Friends put Rita Dakota “fat pig”

Друзья подложили Рите Дакота "жирную свинью"
Singer Rita Dakota is going through tough times.

In his Instagram Rita Dakota complained that she was betrayed by not only her beloved husband but also started to “put a pig” women’s projects, with whom she was always friendly and gave them an interview.

“Yesterday, an article about me in @woman_ru, which, indignant, threw me in direct just lazy. In a nutshell, it is a popular portal that I have always been friends, gave them an exclusive interview, participated in all their activities, some of which I was mildly interesting and not necessary, but “friendship and support” after all, respect.. to the Portal, who I do not deny even in the last months of pregnancy, barely moving, was shot in the projects almost immediately after birth, when it was not much before. All colleagues and journalists won’t let me rip now, when I say with confidence that friendship and work I can and always with awe and respect as colleagues, and a friendly media. And here comes an article where the main “fashion expert of the Russian teleyaschika” , the same motley flamboyant uncle, condemning the appearance of the tele-viewers all over the country daily on the First channel, viciously trashes Rita Dakota, cynically arguing about (just regurgitate word for word here) that the “cause of my husband’s infidelity was the fact that I am very vulgar and Frank (TAAAAA?!?! jajaja???), and another reason – the tattoos and piercings… I have a disgusting make-up and it resent my lashes and bright lipstick (Steaua?! The lipsticks I generally do not use the word at all)”. Further-more. Uncle said confidently that girls like me “are doomed to infidelity”, but then added a few of life’s “advice” that he is sure “infidelity is possible and NECESSARY to forgive,” noting that stepping down from the traitor I humiliated myself and ruined my reputation, and my ex-husband will come to bed the crowd of girls who now think that he is sexy and wants to check.”

I’m not kidding, guys. This is a real article, storis now I will throw off screenshots that you have read. To say that I’m shocked is to say nothing. The world in General in yourself? Since when to walk away from the traitor humiliating?? Since when the face of the Central television have any dog’s right to poke you in the disadvantages to the General public (fuck it, I build up lashes since I was 19, because I don’t have his nature, this in dad and I the whole school anointed them with castor oil, went as fish and complexed)..continued in the carousel, flipping”
writes an angry Dakota.

You must understand that we are talking about Alexander Vasiliev.

Well now it turns out that all the “Sha” and projects should not receive in addition your traffic, bypass inconvenient for Rita’s questions to the parties.
Some selfishness towards friends.

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