Anna Sedokova moved by a story about a lonely grandmother

Анна Седокова растрогала историей об одинокой бабушке
35-year-old singer Anna Sedokova with age becomes quite sentimental.

Анна Седокова растрогала историей об одинокой бабушке

Yesterday Anya told Instagram story that happened to her during a walk with children.

“Yesterday we were walking in the Park with the baby and all our noisy company, in an hour we learned about the terrible event. There, in the Park, Hector suddenly saw on the bench grandmother, he quickly ran to it and shouted “Baba, Baba”! She happily held out her hands, then took from his pocket a piece of candy and gave it to him. The candy was chocolate and we are still not eating, but I clearly felt that we should take it. I broke off a small piece and gave Hector ate the rest herself. We said thank you, and my Grandmother, who looked about 70 years old told us that she has no one. She had a daughter and she died in a plane crash. A few days before the wedding, and now she comes to the Park and would always take the candy to children…
Those who need help are much closer than we sometimes think. In the Park, in class, in transport or on the street. Cruel life makes us afraid of people, but we have to hold on. To ask “how are you”, “how to help” or simply smile to a stranger and talk to friends until later, “love”…”

– writes Anna.

Anya couldn’t agree more. We must help animals, the homeless or from a shelter, kids, the elderly.

For example, I sometimes make purchases in the store, when I’m a grandparent, which shows that give the already last blood, not speaking about homeless animals that filled my house and the apartments of my relatives. Or, if I see that on the road grandma sells flowers or mittens, you can stop there – also to give money.

Interestingly, as your life was something like that?

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