Дженнифер Энистон поддержала Селену Гомес после госпитализации

Last week it became known about the hospitalization of Selena Gomez. Many stars have supported the singer, because she is not a simple period. Like Selena problems with the physical (the singer suffers from lupus), and mental health. According to a source at Hollywood Life, Selena supported her close friend Jennifer aniston.

The stars are in good friendly relations, so Jen just could not ignore the problems of Selene. “Selena has got a huge amount of support, because its really like in Hollywood,” said a source close to aniston, and continued: “It protects selenium, besides their General Manager. Jennifer is a very caring person. It hurts to realize that Selena is struggling with mental illnesses and she is always ready to offer their advice and support. She thinks of Selena like a little sister and does everything possible to help her.”

It is known that stars friends for nearly a decade. They are not time bound joint projects. They met at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Women in film 2009” and “Lucy”, and later took part in voice acting documentary “Unity” in 2015.

Recall that many stars and fans have supported the star, but its another ex-boyfriend singer The Weeknd did not respond. One who responded was the Cardi Bi, which Selena recently worked on a song Tak Taki. But Abel is not in a hurry. “Abel turned to Selene and her family, he doesn’t want to do that. But no need to treat this like he doesn’t care. Of course, he cares, he just doesn’t want heard rumors about them. Abel knows that she has support. When Selena finished treatment and restore their emotional state, Abel may contact her by e-mail,” said an insider, close associates of the musician.

But the beloved singer Bella Hadid girlfriend understands and cares about her. “Bella went through similar health problems, so she empathizes with selenium. Bella also went through the depression, she knows it’s not a joke” — says the source. It seems that the war is over.

According to the insider, Gomez was not pleased with the reunion of a former lover and Bella. “Selena shouted, “What the hell?”, when she found out about Bella and Abele, kissing in Cannes”, — said a source from the environment singer HollywoodLife.

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