Ксения Бородина коротает дни без мужа в жутких муках
Due to the large number of unpleasant commentary, anchor House-2 Ksenia Borodina recently tried to share in Instagram personal.

Ксения Бородина коротает дни без мужа в жутких муках

But she couldn’t help it yesterday upon arrival to the Seychelles.

A Xenia took the eldest daughter Marusya, which, incidentally, was supposed to have ended for the school holidays. Although, let’s be honest, whoever took your child to warmer climes, if there would be an opportunity to relax.

Ксения Бородина коротает дни без мужа в жутких муках

So Xenia complains that very much misses home:

“3 happy day I had. In fact, when I was without my family, as without hands. Well at least one my daughter flew with me, the second yesterday was very indignant, why not take it. When I fly without her husband, depression begins in 2 days, starting to walk behind him in a ponytail. He’s always wondering about the bouts of love suddenly caught up with me))) without family is always bad, it’s the most important thing in our life”

– writes Ksenia, but the main problem is found.

“It became terribly afraid of airplanes, I never had a phobia, always quietly went to bed, could even forget to buckle up, now, from each jagged movement wakes up, starts to panic, all the time begin to rot itself why it sat in this plane, I need it was ((( waiting for Friday, although it only arrived yesterday)))) miss you”

– says Borodin.

If aerophobia going to be a problem, then She will lose the opportunity not only to fly to the Seychelles, but also to events where she is invited, buying plane tickets. And corporate events, as you know, a significant part of the earnings of artists and presenters, they just prefer not to tell in Instagram, not to “Shine” the faces and names of those who are able to shell out a pretty penny for the star on your holiday.

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