Nyusha almost injured on the set of the clip

Нюша чуть не пострадала на съемках клипа The singer has released a new video “Kiss”. According to star, the video turned out very hard. Nyusha and Director Sergey Solodkiy created non-standard roller, it is not like the singer’s previous works.

      Нюша чуть не пострадала на съемках клипа

      8 Jun Nyusha has released a new video for the song “Kiss”. Video Director Sergey Solodkiy is quite unique, not similar to the rest of the work of the singer.

      A star will appear in the video in a sexy and brutal manner. Her outfit consists of several leather sword belt and mesh. Aggressive accessories and bright make-up help the singer to join the image of the heroine of the story that sings: “Open your hand, you wait for my touch. The post easy sloppy letting go of memories. I’m not afraid anymore, your soul is reliable. We were so tired to put clearly on the verge of the possible”.

      “The clip will be unusual. What will happen in the clip, not quite meet the original meaning of the song. But I liked that for a question that sounds in my song, Sergei gives his answer,” – said Nyusha.
      Нюша чуть не пострадала на съемках клипа

      During the filming of the video, the singer nearly suffered a serious injury. Performing one of the tricks when it held a steel chain, and she tries to run towards the chosen one, the star fell and hit his head. The incident alarmed the whole team that worked on the clip. Fortunately, nothing happened, and So did not need the help of doctors. “Stargate” was a video clip that shows how my colleagues run up to the singer and look what happened to her.

      Fans of the pop singer appreciated the novelty. “Another stunning work! Clip – a bomb!”, “Love and passion are stronger than any obstacles, Nyusha proved it in his new music video!”, “The clip is good, looked at one go, it’s a pity that such a short”, “the Song is strong! Right now I like! In life the same thing is happening”, “the Plot is excellent, the costumes – super, – praised clip “Kiss” subscribers microblog singer, where she announced on the eve of the premiere.

      Нюша чуть не пострадала на съемках клипа

      Known Director Sergey Solodkiy believes that the new video is quite philosophical and harsh. “Our history illustrates the situation that occurs quite often among people: on their way to meet the man who draws them, beckoning with incredible force. And starts the internal struggle of the mind with the heart, with the desire… Passion or Love? This truly dramatic internal struggle that can occur in the soul of each of us, and we tried to convey the allegorical language of images, gestures, action!”

      Нюша чуть не пострадала на съемках клипа

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