Корнелия Манго закатила шумный девичник The singer had fun in the company of friends. On a recent day in the life Cornelia Mango and her lover Bohdan Durda happens happy event. The lovers are preparing to the celebration at the wedding, but secrets of the upcoming holiday is not disclosed.

      Корнелия Манго закатила шумный девичник

      After a week Cornelia Mango and her lover Bohdan, Durg change of family status and become each other’s legal husband and wife. In the meantime, happy event is coming, the bride decided to throw a noisy party and break in the company of friends. For the bachelorette party Mango chose Moscow club Wake People River Spot, located directly on the river. It was there that the singer quite often spends time in the summer – Cornelia is not life without lessons wakeboarding and wakesurfing. This hobby is a graduate of “Factory of stars” and willing to support her future husband. However, today he was no place at the ceremony.

      Cornelia gathered your friends to say goodbye to my old life and prepare for marriage. To have fun and to cheer the friends star was dressed in a tiger costume, which began to dance under their own power hits. Friends of the bride were pleased to support this venture and went into the lead. For the audience there was also a table where you can notice a delicious treat. Veranda on the occasion of the celebration was decorated with balloons, make up the name Mango. Fans of the star is well known that after marriage she will become durdi, Cornelia Mango. The girl was not afraid to say goodbye to the name, which is glorified, as it follows a traditional view of marriage. Cornelia is sure: the man in the relationship of the home, and therefore everything must be subordinated to him.

      Корнелия Манго закатила шумный девичник

      At a bachelorette party given by Cornelia, the guests appeared in t-shirts with humorous inscriptions on the theme of marriage. For example, on the chest of one of her friends Mango sported a sign “Give in good hands”. The other girls wore t-shirts with the words “Mango is not a fruit, and a hot lady”, “And Bohdan lucky!” and so on. In short, girls with a sense of humor came to preparation for the holiday, and a happy bride is definitely appreciated.

      Корнелия Манго закатила шумный девичник

      After the ladies ate, they set up dances right on the patio. Cornelia Mango, dressed this time in t-shirt, skirt and hat with a veil, set the tone for this party – the star literally jumped with delight when the Playground was covered with colored streamers. Together, the girls frolicked like children, simultaneously taking it’s happy moments on camera phone. It is obvious that the occasion will long be remembered Mango and her friends. Fans of the actress were surprised that she decided to have this celebration in the middle of the week, but this will enable it to safely complete all the preparations for the most important day in her life.

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