Молодая жена Ивана Краско отрывается в Греции без него Natalia went with friends to Greece. The girl puts in social networks, footage of walking through the ancient cities. Fans wonder why the actress went abroad without his 85-year-old wife.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско отрывается в Греции без него

      The young wife of Ivan Krasko, Natalya decided to celebrate the beginning of summer in Athens. Together with friends, the actress went to the capital of Greece, where they managed to tour the ancient sites. Spouse Natasha on a fascinating journey did not go, which caused the talk about the fact that their family is not going smoothly.

      The actress has posted on social networks pictures of little Greek streets, the ruins of the Parthenon and Acropolis, as well as the entrance to the theater, Vambo. Judging by the hashtags, Natalia and her comrades are in Greece for business, with tours of St. Petersburg TRIVESTITURE. Arriving in Athens, Natalia couldn’t hold back the emotions that caused this place. “This town is special. Free. Warm. Athens is a dream”, signed under Krasko photography, which offers panoramic views of the ancient capital.

      The second city of Greece, which was attended by actors, become Thessaloniki. In each location the audience waiting for the play from the theatre, “which sees the world as it is.” During the tour actors will present the plays in the Macedonian capital Skopje and the center of the Czech Republic, Prague.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско отрывается в Греции без него

      The photos paint the wife looks happy and relaxed. Lately in the press do not cease talking about that 85-year-old Ivan requires a young girl to bear him an heir. Paint the couple plan to have children. Natalia finds various excuses not to become a mother. At the moment, the couple does not have a shelter, the family lives in the apartment daughter Lyudmila Ivan Zvonareva and grandson of Cyril. The young wife of an actor does not think that in such conditions it is possible to have a baby.

      “But then what? It and medical care, and clothing, and decent housing. And then – to be a single mother? I know what it is – it’s hard. And while I’m not ready for this”, she said in an interview.

      Despite the demands of procreation, Ivan Krasko realizes that he still has not grown heirs from a previous marriage. “However, paradoxical as it may sound, but about the kid it is still too early to say. Besides, I have young sons from a previous marriage – Fedya and Vanya. Take out all summer at the cottage to relax”, – the actor has shared with journalists.

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