Жених отругал Алену Водонаеву за декольте на свадьбе TV presenter openly showed their charms at the Banquet. On the occasion of the marriage of Nelly Ermolaeva Alena Vodonaeva was dressed in a provocative black dress that attracted everyone’s attention.

      Alena Vodonaeva was among the invited to the wedding of TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva and her lover Kirill Andreev. The star appeared at the event with her fiancé Anton Korotkov, but soon he had to leave on business. In this time eks-the participant “Houses-2” had fun at the party with many friends and publish photos and video on his page in Instagram.

      Nelly Ermolaeva staged lavish wedding: live report from the celebration

      Apparently, the young man did not approve of the appearance, namely the calling neckline, and behavior of his bride. The next day she had to make excuses.

      “Anton brought me and is away on business. Then took three hours. He was unable to attend yesterday. Although he said that this is the last time I’m goin ‘ out alone. Maybe uncharacteristically neckline so it affected him? But honestly, for me not to worry. When I have a man – to me it is impossible to meet. As he came, and departed. I am not acquainted, do not give phone numbers without the flirting report that is not free. Politely and very kindly. But if you do not understand the first time, you can and Tyumen “belleza” enable”, – Alena admitted.

      Video posted by Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) Jun 7 2016 at 1:35 am PDT

      It is worth noting that Vodonaeva is not the first time selects the revealing outfits. Recently, she showed a luxurious neckline during an erotic photo shoot. Meanwhile, the caller sometimes kind of star is not to say that it is ready for new amorous challenges.

      “For the most “clever” let me explain that girls are divided into two categories in terms of Dating. There are those who come into contact with the man, being only in a free status. And there are those who leave a phone number, despite the fact that they have a significant other. Poor and miserable second half”, – expressed his opinion Vodonaeva.

      It revealed the secret of luxury neckline Alena Vodonaevoy

      By the way, fans of the star revealed the secret to her perfect Breasts. It turns out that like many other celebrities, Alena uses an old, proven method – adhesive tape. This method of lifting the breast described in his microblog Kim Kardashian.

      “I tried different tapes, from plumbing to painting. I realized that works best textile adhesive tape. She holds the chest. Before you stick it, don’t use any creams or oils. Yes, be exposure. It is useful in the moment when you will remove the tape. All this to make – you have to work hard, but believe me, it’s worth it,” shared Kim.

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