Сергей Горобченко не верит в способности Анны Слю
The actor met the partner in arms.

Сергей Горобченко не верит в способности Анны Слю

Sergei Gorobchenko

Anna Saliva especially for filming detective
series “See-know”, which coming soon on NTV, studied the physiognomy. “For this role I became skilled in silent
physiognomy, I read about this science some books, ” says Anna 7days.ru.
So now these knowledge help me a lot in life.” The actress plays a professional
a practicing psychologist Jeanne Kuznetsov. Her heroine from childhood has the gift
guess the character, behaviour and even the social status of the person
on his face. That’s why she was fascinated by physiognomy, in which their skills
brought to perfection.

In the story, Jeanne
comes to work in the investigative division responsible for re-checking “visyakov”
and “pitiful cases”. Colleagues at first take it with a grain of salt. And the chief
Department Leonid Kataev, played by Sergey Gorobchenko, explicitly States: “Physiognomy is a pseudoscience”. But very soon the insightful help of Jeanne in the disclosure
complex crimes is indispensable.

The plot is based on real cases of
practice of classics of the world of psychology Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Jacques

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