Numerologist: “Vika Dayneko again wants to meet with Alex Vorobiev”

Нумеролог: «Вика Дайнеко снова хочет встречаться с Алексеем Воробьевым» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. According to experts, the actress was happy with my ex boyfriend, so it’s possible that they wish to restore relations.

Singer Victoria Dayneko, now home is not the easiest time. Two months ago, the star announced that she and her husband, musician Dmitry Kleiman, decided to live separately. The stars got married on April 14, 2015-th year, they had growing up polutorogodovalogo daughter Lydia. Some time later, after the wedding, fans Daineko began to notice that in the personal life of their idol is not going smoothly. The actress was removed from his blog sharing a photo with her husband, went to social events without wedding rings, and at the end of last year, even sought a divorce attorney.

Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code of the singer and made a prediction for its future. “The day that Vika was born, called the “Day of mischievous tramp”. The life code of the singer – 336 314 – means that she is the bearer of a sign of power, she would make a good leader, says Clara. Is the singer a rare program – there are almost all the signs – she harmonious personality. Our biggest problem – eternal lack of energy, because of this, the wick is constantly suffering from mood swings and even depression. To learn to control yourself, she should do yoga,” – said the expert.

According to Kuzenbaeva, this year, BC was a period of decline, however, after the birth waiting for her career UPS and luck in love.

“However, Dmitry she won’t agree – it is absolutely not her people. They linked that to a celebrity beloved was a donor with a huge sexual energy. But, in addition to passion, in this relationship there was nothing. Dmitry heavy temper, he is stubborn and jealous – Vick was difficult to get along with him. Moreover, Kleiman endowed with the spirit of rivalry and constantly angered that his wife is more successful than him. Their relationship lasted more than two years only thanks to the enormous patience of the Wiki, but even it has not rescued a couple Dayneko could not stand the antics of her husband and decided to go with him,” explained numerologist.

Clara believes that Victoria is once again to try my luck with a former lover, Alexei Vorobiev, because they have perfect compatibility.

“He hasn’t lost her talent and just as she is strong in spirit. However, their relationship was doomed – Vorobyov unbearable character, and he more often Wikis are prone to mood swings. Two such explosive personalities don’t live under the same roof…” – said Kuzenbaeva.

According to the specialist, Vicki has a predisposition to restore the old relationship, so she doesn’t mind to get back together with Alex. However, Clara advises the artist to do so.

“Two years later, she will meet a really good man who will become her lover. A year later after meeting Dayneko give birth to a new love child,” said Kuzenbaeva.