Erotic pictures of the young Shatunova blew up the Internet

Эротичные снимки молодого Шатунова взорвали Интернет The singer posted a microblog archival photographs. Yuri Shatunov down memory lane and shared his feelings with many subscribers. Followers men shared the sadness of idol for the past years.
Эротичные снимки молодого Шатунова взорвали Интернет

The soloist of the cult group 80-ies of “Tender may” Yuri Shatunov is an active user of “Instagram”. In the post, the musician tells an interesting story of life and publishes a schedule of performances. But, despite the willingness to communicate with the audience, the celebrity reluctantly shares with subscribers personal experiences.

However, before the singer has published a series of rare pictures. The footage he captured in the company of colleagues and close friends. “Nostalgia” – succinctly signed post Yuri. His admirers admitted that he too miss the days when a musical group gathered loyal fans. But special attention users of the social network devoted to photographs in which the man appeared in a tight-fitting swimming trunks. Subscribers were delighted from the explicit form of pet. They staged an active discussion under the post star.

“Yuri, you have such charming and sexy body! You’re terrific! Love!”, “One more such frames? Loved it!”, “Handsome!”, “Figure – Shik!”, “How wonderful!” “Wow! Amazing! More!” commented subscribers.

By the way, crankset is renowned for the most loyal and loving fans. For example, in one day of birth, the musician received a new car from a couple that kept their names secret. Celebrity still remembers the incident with a smile and warmth. It turns out that for a few months before the holiday he received a call from a hidden number and asked a strange question: if he would mind if he will present the car. Then the man in the head could not come that anonymous will fulfill your intention. Jure Shatunova made an unexpected gift

“I thought that it wasn’t real, that it’s just a joke. But, two months later, in August, I was contacted by the Manager of one of the Metropolitan dealers and said that my name came paid pre – order- new car popular brand”, – said Yuri.

Now the artist continues to delight audiences with a performance of familiar hits. He actively works and gives concerts in different cities. But, in addition, a man leads an active lifestyle: traveling, engaged in self-development and meet with fans.