Anna Kalashnikov clarified the rumors about the escort

Анна Калашникова прояснила слухи об эскорте The model responded to the accusations of the envious, who suggested that she went to Dubai to search for wealthy suitors. Anna Kalashnikov outraged by such comments. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with sex workers.
Анна Калашникова прояснила слухи об эскорте

Anna Kalashnikov was one of two dozen models, who several months ago was invited to a photo shoot in Dubai. Young women took part in the advertising campaign of the clothing brand. Among those who went on shooting in the UAE, also was Victoria Bonya, Elina Kamiren and Victoria romanet.

In his spare time, beauty had a good time that was posted in “Instagram” naughty photos and videos taken in hotel rooms. As a result, the management of luxury five-star hotel had to ask models to remove the geotag, so as not to disturb the peace in the Arab country. This situation was reflected in the press. Many foreign tabloids covered the scandal erupted. The Studio program “live” tried to figure out what purpose the leggy socialite went to Dubai and published the hot pictures on social media.

On a talk show Anna Kalashnikov, who explained the purpose of his arrival. She made it clear that the visit was at the invitation of the designer.

“Very serious brand organized shooting abroad, which lasted almost a month. There came many celebrities, including Victoria Bonya and Alena Shishkova… We were warned not to put a hashtag and a geotag of the hotel because it is new and has positioned itself as a family. There is Arab public,” said a young woman, adding that she followed the instructions of the organizers of the shooting.
Анна Калашникова прояснила слухи об эскорте

Business lady Leah Volyanskaya suggested that the model arrived in Dubai as provide escort services. “Why should I answer her?” said the star’s Instagram Alina Lobacheva. She also stressed that far from such activity.

Then the Studio came Martin Starostin, who accused Anna Kalashnikov and Alina Lobacheva in providing escort services. According to the red-haired beauty, she is in charge of this. However, Kalashnikov and Lobacheva did not agree with Starostin and even otsele from it, demonstrating that you don’t want to have anything to do with women of easy virtue. “All who want to earn good money here. Who needs things Russian designers come to me” – with these words Anna explained their position.

While investigating a complicated story, the editors of the programs found on the Internet correspondence with the alleged organizer of leisure with celebrities. It was named some specific names, including Anna Kalashnikov. The model is with humor treated like “dirt” and noted that he is fake. Kalashnikov also made it clear that the information included in the message has nothing to do with its real activities – we all know that the young woman is a caring mother, and also a model, singer and actress.

“To be honest, it kind of hurts – not enough… Where is the money? I’d like to get them. Joke (laughter). In fact, it is possible to come up with, and screenshots to fake. To me this correspondence is unknown. I see a familiar name: I’m friends with Camilla. She has a boyfriend, they were together in Dubai. How can you write such things about those who is in a relationship? Or about mothers,” said Anna.