Numerologist: “two years later, Maxim Vitorgan baby is born”

Нумеролог: «Через два года у Максима Виторгана родится ребенок» Today, the famous actor turns 45 years old. According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, Maxim Vitorgan waiting for career advancement in the near future, and replenishment in the family. However, the specialist advises the artist to closely monitor the condition.

Today, September 10, Maxim Vitorgan birthday. The popular actor turns 45 years old. Star of theatre and cinema has achieved success in his career. This year on the screens out Comedy “Yana+Janko”, where the actor played the main role. His partner on the filming of Olesya Sudzilovskaya appreciated the professionalism of colleagues. The actress worked on the film, when waiting for a second child. According to her, he was very gallant and courteous to her. This is understandable, because in 44 years of star cinema once again experienced the joy of fatherhood. Last year Ksenia Sobchak gave him a son Platon. Vitorgan doted in the heir, and often shares photos with little one on the personal page in Instagram. Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the actor.

“Maxim Vitorgan was born in “the Day personal goals”. He is a minion of fortune, charismatic. However, his character was not easy. The actor is the soul of the company, the donor had an indescribable energy. But he is very stubborn, useless to argue with him,” said Clara.

According to her, the actor flashes of jealousy. However, as noted numerologist, he is very sympathetic person, always ready to help a friend. Vitorgan characteristic generosity.

“Maxim’s thoughts may outrun the words. He’s the strongest analyst. Actor scrupulous in work, attentive to detail,” explained the expert.

Kuzenbaeva Vitorgan advises to pay attention to health, in particular to monitor the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. According to numerology, it soon waiting for material hoist, and two years later the actor may again become a father.

“In 47 years Maxim a child can be born. In the family with his wife they sometimes argue a lot. Have Vitorgan always “own” the truth,” added Kuzenbaeva.

According to Kuzenbaeva, he is very loyal to family and friends. In life, he sometimes trusting than some people enjoy. Kuzenbaeva believes that family and friends can always rely on Vitorgan, and he will not fail.