Boris korchevnikov explained why he still lives with mom

Борис Корчевников объяснил, почему до сих пор живет с мамой Broadcaster understands that at his age it’s wrong. Boris korchevnikov shares with the family his man a little flat in the center of Moscow. The man admitted that he wants to create a family, but while he is not.
Борис Корчевников объяснил, почему до сих пор живет с мамой

This Sunday, September 10, the program “When all the houses” and its presenter Timur Kizyakov visited Boris Korchevnikov and his mother Irina’s. The place of communication was a kitchen in a small apartment in the center of Moscow. The conversation, as usual, went for tea. Timur Kizyakov did not hide his surprise at the fact that the 35-year-old famous host still shares the flat with mom.

“Certainly was and is the opportunity to live separately. But you are together for some reason. Why?” he asked Boris Korchevnikov.

“This is my home,’ replied Boris. – This small apartment in the center of Moscow convenient for me because everything is close, and I don’t drive the car. And I’m not going to move. Takes a lot of time work and all this fuss”.
Борис Корчевников объяснил, почему до сих пор живет с мамой

While Boris korchevnikov made clear that it understands – there is a risk to get used to this situation and never change. After all, people with age become less plastic and open to new. “It’s true, I understand that this is not good, says Boris korchevnikov about their stay with mom. But in the gospel it is said: a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and not only leave father and mother.”

The presenter then added that he really wants to create a family and dreams of getting behind the table in the kitchen sat not only his mother but also his wife and children. Irina noticed that husband her son will be difficult. “Next to you must be a very patient woman,” said the mother of Boris Korchevnikov. Numerologist: “Boris korchevnikov will soon get married.”

Irina Leonidovna son brought one and held it in tight rein. Today she admits that she probably even went too far, trying to resist the influence of the street.

Борис Корчевников объяснил, почему до сих пор живет с мамой“I was a very strict mother and sometimes made mistakes. But I was very scared for Bob. Twelve years is the most dangerous age. I controlled every step of his son. And even when he called, he was raised up. Bob knew about it. And it turned out that in some things I was right. When the boy was sixteen or seventeen years, he told me: mom, how nice that you kept a tight grip on me,” recalls Irina.

Father Boris Korchevnikov left his mother even before his birth. But for many years he sought a meeting with his son. Irina allowed him to come to the theatre with Boris. “Bor was then 8-9 years old, his dad bought a ticket for the first row and looked at him. Bob about this, of course, did not know”, – said the mother Korchevnikov.

Boris, in turn, confessed that he always suffered from the absence of his father in his life and believes that for this reason, still can’t create his family – he had no example before their eyes, to which he would aspire.