Maria Maksakova dissatisfied with the education of older children

Мария Максакова недовольна воспитанием старших детей The singer believes that without her son and daughter stopped in development. Maria Maksakova rather harshly expressed to the heirs, who live with their father. Singer criticised Lucy and Elijah at one of the concerts, saying that she was embarrassed to observe what is happening on stage.
Мария Максакова недовольна воспитанием старших детей

Famous Opera singer Maria Maksakova for quite a long time is the separation from their older children – son Ilya and daughter Lucy. Singer, as you know, lives and works in Kiev, and its successors remained with his father, businessman Vladimir Tyurin. They live in a luxurious mansion on the ruble, they engaged the father and grandmother Lyudmila Maksakova.

In an interview to the Ukrainian edition of Maria Maksakova gave to understand that it is not satisfied, as now brought a son and a daughter. Opera diva very unflattering comments about the abilities of the heirs, assessing their recent performance at the festival in Yalta, where the boy played the piano, and the girl on the harp. Maria Maksakova said that while she was engaged in education of children, they demonstrated unique talents, but she is now ashamed of their level of performance. Grown-up children of Maria Maksakova made a splash on the scene

“I have had a powerful influence during the 12 years while they lived with me. Elijah played the piano and piano, and Lucy — the harp, but since they don’t live with me, they are in your development has stopped,” said Maria Maksakova.
Мария Максакова недовольна воспитанием старших детей

In addition, the singer was unhappy with the appearance of his son, who, according to her, strongly recovered.

Мария Максакова недовольна воспитанием старших детей“After leaving the Suvorov military school Ilya again gained 12 pounds and looked like nothing in his life was not. I was so proud of. He performed in the Crimea the program a year ago, played brilliantly with me in Cannes. But only much worse, slowly and with mistakes,” added a frustrated Maria Maksakova.

The singer has hinted that he will be glad to be reunited with children and opportunity to engage in their education. However, for this Elijah and Lucy should move in with mom. Maria Maksakova expressed the hope that they will do so. But first they need to reach the age of 14, which is considered viable. Elijah up to this point I have to wait less than a year. “If he has the desire to come to me in Kiev, I’ll be happy to see him,” says Maria Maksakova.

It is worth noting that the singer is a perfect example of what can be achieved by the hard work and your voice. She was able to move from one register to another.

“That is, I originally learned as a soprano, went to another register. Eight seasons I sang in the theater as a mezzo-soprano, even a low passionate contralto party. So my example of how I handle myself alone and started to sing really really aroused interest, and many people “crammed” me to do”, – told about himself Maria Maksakova.

This article was prepared using materials of the newspaper “Day”.