Numerologist: “Timur Rodrigez will soon be a dad”

Нумеролог: «Тимур Родригез скоро станет папой» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. According to her, Timur will achieve unprecedented career success in the coming year. In addition, the artist can become a father. Now the family of the singer’s older two sons.

Singer, showman, and TV presenter today marks 38 years. Rodriguez is happily married with his wife Anna, the couple is raising two sons, 8-year-old Miguel and Daniel, who on 31 October will be 5. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code of a celebrity and made a prediction on his future.

“Timur was born in “the Day of moderation,” says Clara. Is it very characteristic. He self-sufficient person, very talented guy. If he hadn’t become a singer he would be a great illusionist he made was a big success in the circus. Rodriguez also has psychic and hypnotic powers, is able to guess a person’s thoughts and see the future.

But he has mood swings, he often clams up and withdraws into himself. In such cases, no one can “reach out” to the stars, because he goes into his own world, where no one likes to let anyone in.

According to numerology, Timur was among those people who ain’t. Therefore, all that he has, the artist has earned by hard labor. But his charisma and talent help the star to succeed.

“Rodriguez is smart and insightful. Not being married, it is easy to recognize girls and literally from the first minutes of communication I saw that they need from him. He never liked pacifiers and mediocrity, he always preferred intelligent and well-read ladies,” – said Kuzenbaeva.

According to numerology, Timur fair and patient man. Besides, he’s not greedy, it is easy to part with money. Rodriguez often helps money friends, not demanding debts back.

Clara notes that Timur is a bad habit – he is very much worried about loved ones, and this is bad, because as soon as he starts to get nervous, luck turns away from him.

“Today in his life came the year tens – a period of success and popularity. But in order to achieve this, he will have to work. Also Timur can be born another child. But beginning in the fall of next year he needs to be careful, will start the fall time. You should be attentive while driving, there is a small risk of accidents,” added Clara.