Vera Vasilieva told about the suicide attempt

Вера Васильева рассказала о попытке суицида The actress decided on a fateful act, considering his life a failure. Vera Vasilieva, who grew up in poverty, sincerely believed that nothing good in her biography can not occur. Fearing one of his terrible reflection in the mirror, a future star tried to kill herself.
Вера Васильева рассказала о попытке суицида

September 30, people’s artist of the USSR Vera Vasilyeva celebrated his 92nd birthday. Despite the fact that the actress exchanged for the tenth decade, she continues to play in the theatre goes on tour and dreaming of new roles in film and on stage. In honor of a solid date of Vera Vasilyeva, the First channel made a film about one of the most famous Actresses of our time – “Vera Vasilyeva. The secret of her youth”.

As it turned out, the celebrity, are considered the standard of beauty and femininity, perfectly embodied on the screen and in the theater, the images of the aristocrat, grew up in abject poverty. And once, driven to desperation by his own reflection in the mirror, young Vera Vasilyeva decided to get even with her failed, as it seemed, life.

Future famous actress grew up in the barracks, living in one room with his parents, two sisters and brother.

Вера Васильева рассказала о попытке суицида

Each time leaving the room, Faith had to loudly stomp your feet to disperse swarming here mice. Vasiliev grew dreamy, and she tried not to notice the misery that reigned around. Faith was reading novels that bore her into another life, where were the noble heroes, sophisticated ladies and sublime relationship.

“I wanted to live not in our time, and the other in the nineteenth century, with the notions of the time about love, about honesty, about dignity, about compassion for humanity. And for me the opportunity to live that kind of life was associated with the theatre”, – told in the film, Vera Vasilyeva.
Вера Васильева рассказала о попытке суицида

One day a young Verochka stood before the mirror and I saw him unkempt girl in worn clothes, nor figure, nor the waist. This reflection had nothing to do with her favorite heroines. Who such will fall in love? She suddenly realized her in my life not waiting for anything except mice, frozen potatoes, sauerkraut and my husband – simple laborers. In that day, Faith decided that it was better to die young.

Вера Васильева рассказала о попытке суицида
“I drank kerosene and cut his wrists with a razor, – says the actress. – I swallowed, but many could not. Decided that we needed a razor. Slashed, was hurt. I put everything aside, said to myself, “Yeah, okay, later.” All this is some kind of childhood… and no One noticed, thank God. So I quit and everything.”

Then she could not imagine that in a few years, she will applaud the halls, her smelling of kerosene rags will replace the luxurious outfits that she’s happily married and life will live in love with her husband Vladimir Ushakov.