Alexander Vasilyev told about the struggle with a deadly disease

Александр Васильев рассказал про борьбу со смертельно опасной болезнью Fashion historian was the guest of the program “Relish”. He remembered how 20 years ago, faced with advanced jaundice. The doctors predicted that Alexander Vasilyev will live no longer than three days. However, thanks to the folk methods of treatment, the TV presenter managed to get rid of the problem.
Александр Васильев рассказал про борьбу со смертельно опасной болезнью

Alexander Vasilyev rarely shares details of his personal life. The presenter prefers to discuss fashion trends and new collections of famous designers. However, for the sake of the program “Relish” the man made an exception. Communicating with Ivan Urgant, he said that he almost died due to running of jaundice. French doctors predicted that the star would die in three days, but he managed to cope with the illness.

“The temperature was over forty. Had difficulty walking. The doctors said that it is better to die at home in his own bedroom. I agreed, and as soon as arrived, started calling friends to say goodbye. And here’s one of my French friend says that the disease is curable. She advised to eat soup with leek during the week. As a result, the next day the temperature slept, and I felt much better,” he told the broadcaster.

Alexander admits that after this incident he became much more serious to treat folk medicine. The man gladly prepares the soup, who once saved him, not tired to admire the healing properties of onions. Ivan Urgant, having tried the dish admitted that it is not only useful, but also incredibly tasty.

As it turned out, traditional recipes have helped the broadcaster to get rid of illnesses. So, for fifteen years, Alexander suffered from chronic rhinitis.

“No drops and ointments did not help me. As a result, he started to drink water with dissolved in it with a teaspoon of pepper. You can add strength and a bit of salt. Of course, my stomach will boil, your eyes will melt out of their sockets from sharpness, but the runny nose will disappear forever. Believe my experience,” – said Vasilyev.

Together with Ivan Urgant fashion historian prepared not only for onion soup, but the beef of the famous French recipe. However, Vasilyev stressed that trying to limit the consumption of fatty foods. It turned out that the famous TV presenter from nature is inclined to completeness.

“Don’t eat fatty, salty. Try to go to bed hungry, not to eat at night. Besides, do not consume flour. I think the result is noticeable, to keep in shape possible” – shared his secrets Alexander.

Fans of the program unanimously agreed that Vasiliev is an excellent cook. Fashion historian believes that cooking is an art, so he puts his heart into cooking each dish.