Numerologist: “Pavel Priluchny can leave his wife because of her depression”

Нумеролог: «Павел Прилучный может уйти от жены из-за ее депрессии» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the actor. According to him, the pair together is not easy, so in their family from time to time, scandals erupt. This week the couple scared fans with reports of a large fight.

      This week one of the most striking couples of the Russian show-business, Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny – made as it should be nervous their fans. Three days ago, the actress wrote in her “Instagrame” strange post, read it really led to the idea of separation of the couple. “That’s what happens a moment decides everything… it Turns out, is very much mistaken, even many years in a row!” – shared of agate. Subscribers threw a star what happened, but she preferred to leave them unanswered. Did not comment on muceniece and journalists ‘ questions about a possible divorce from Paul, limiting short: “I don’t want to talk about it…”

      Agata muceniece fuels the rumors of a break with her husband

      However, to the delight of fans, after only two days, Agatha alerted them to his blog about that “love wins again adversity” and thanked everyone who “supported her depressive waves.” However, an official statement not too satisfied subscribers of the star, and they continue to put forward versions of what could happen in the star a couple whose life seems so perfect. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva tried to understand the situation, after examining the dates of birth of celebrities. According to him, Paul was born in the “Day reality”. Life code the actor – 325 224 – describes him as a self-sufficient person, talented, charismatic and sincere person.

      “But with all these positive qualities, Paul has a penchant for polygamy. He is one of those men who, being married, looking to the side, even in 70 years. Tellingly, to convict him of treason impossible. Paul is able to smoothly lie and being caught in a lie, never admit that you told a lie, even if it is pressed to the wall. Add to that the bright appearance of the actor, and then it becomes easy to guess, in what the reason of anxiety of his wife.”

      According to numerology, star spouses difficult to get along together. Says Kudebaeva, darling Paulsego tend to be discouraged, which can not irritate the actor.

      “Besides, life code Agatha – 314 2911 – suggests that it is prone to mood swings, explains the woman. Star does not know how to enjoy life and often falls into a depression caused by jealousy and fear for the future of the family. Age 28-29 years – difficult for the actress, she is in a period of recession. If the star do not take yourself in hand, it can annoy his cheerful and beloved wife. But as soon as it ceases to be sad, everything will return to normal and peace restored. Perhaps in 30 years muceniece even once again become a mother. Agatha was born in “the Day of artistic sensitivity”. She can never be content with little. A celebrity is making the right decision, even with two small children, does not cease to be in a movie – otherwise it will absorb the life. Lack of work may even plunge her into a deep depression, from which the actress is not so easy to get out.”