Молодые мамы за сорок: знаменитости родившие в зрелом возрасте Stars are not afraid to have children and show the world the joy of motherhood, surpassing middle-period. Every year the list of such brave ladies is only growing. “StarHit” recalled the charming star of the parents, which is admirable.

      Молодые мамы за сорок: знаменитости родившие в зрелом возрасте

      The age of children is not a hindrance! This wisdom show today, not only Western but also domestic artists. List mom, gave birth to their firstborn in middle-age from year to year only increases. Brave deeds of the latter-day parents be an example for their fans, is exposed to stereotypes about the “ideal” age for the appearance of the baby born. “StarHit” decided to tell about the most famous personalities who have given birth after 40.

      Olga Drozdova

      The beautiful actress and devoted wife Olga Drozdova has given birth to the firstborn after the thirteenth birthday of marriage with Dmitry Pevtsov. Stellar pair, it would seem that life has given everything: fame, money, true love and strong family. However, the woman could not get pregnant. As recognized by a celebrity in an interview, at some point she had ceased to hope. The long-awaited news about the future of the child came after the husband and wife were married in the Church.

      The son Elisha was born, when Drozdova turned 42. As described later, the celebrity, the event changed her life. She look at her husband, began to notice people who were previously uninteresting, she was born again. Now the boy has to go to school, but Olga manages to fulfill the role of a caring mother, beloved wife and connoisseur of his beloved profession. Movie star reaches new heights in his career and feels absolutely happy mother.

      Christina Aguilera

      Christina Aguilera, having two sons from previous marriages, decided on reached not to stop. She always wanted a daughter. And her deepest desires shared husband, businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. For the strong and courageous artist there are no barriers, because in 40 years of age, she decided to give birth to a third child. The singer’s dream has come true – her family has a long-awaited girl. As later admitted Christina, she didn’t have to resort to IVF or other procedures. It was enough just very much want to.

      Christina Aguilera: “my Husband makes compliments in the most unexpected moment”

      Today Claudia is a little older and looked like a real Queen from fairy tales. To normal walking baby is cooked to secular events.

      “She’s now Prinzessin period. If we are going somewhere, she says something like: “So, I’ll wear a beautiful dress, kolgotochki, shoes, feathered hair and crown.” It’s her image. Otherwise it will be ugly. Only the “feathered hair”! – said in an interview with “StarHit” Christina Aguilera.

      Olga Kabo

      Honoured artist of Russia Olga Kabo also wanted to have a second child when my daughter became a teenager. In the first marriage with her husband businessman Eduard Vasilishin, the actress had a daughter Tanya. And marrying a second time at the age of 40 years, she ventured to the second child. New husband, businessman Nikolay razgulyaev has become a proud father of 44-year-old wife gave him a son.

      The new mother also told how to cope with their experiences. Says helped her faith in God and a clear confidence in their health. Today Olga Kabo often likes to say in interviews how lucky she is that she was already old daughter. Tanya – great nanny for my younger brother.

      The actress doted son. Today, when he was a little older, the movie star and the scene with pleasure tells about the methods of education in the family. The son of Olga Kabo: “Marry mommy!”

      “Victor – child-holiday. He’s not doing anything that would cause our husband and indignation, was forced to raise his voice. Nick tries to have son to grow up a real man: if Victor is a control freak, the husband explains that boys should not cry”, – told in an interview with Olga Kabo.

      Svetlana Permyakova

      Star of TV series “Interns” Svetlana permjakova twice surprised his fans. First to hear about future child (when the actress was already 39 years old), and then the information about the father of the baby. Director of artist Maxim Scriabin himself had just turned 21, he was twice younger than his lover.

      It should be noted that celebrity practically moved into the private lives of his image from the screen. Thus, “Intern”, she plays a nurse, which tied an office romance with a guy much younger than her. Most notably, the name of the heroine in the series is exactly the same as the real name of the father of the child Svetlana – Scriabin.

      Svetlana permjakova, “I answered him, I agree”

      The actress Dotes on the baby. And never leaves her alone. She decided not to choose between shooting a film and the role of mother, but just to take daughter to work. A 10-month old girl Varya already been spotted in one of the series “Interns”.

      Ilze Liepa

      Famous dancer and actress Ilze Liepa has debunked the myth that members of her profession are not destined to experience the joy of motherhood. Prima gave birth to first child, a daughter, Nadia, 46. The mother admitted in an interview that he did not hope for a miracle. After all, together with her husband, businessman Vladislav Paulus, at that time she had been married for 14 years.

      However, the spiritual mentor of a dancer is constantly repeating that you need to hope and wait. And this belief helped the ballerina. Despite the fact that the Union with her husband after the birth of her daughter broke up, the ballerina claims that a person’s faith can move mountains. With the birth of a child, prima left the ballet. She continues to work a lot, does charity work and tries as much time to spend with your loved child.

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya

      Actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya lived in a happy marriage with businessman Alexei Zebani six years. The pair brought 6-year-old son Artem, when the artist learned that pregnant again. For spouses, this event was such a sacred sacrament that they managed to hide the news from the press, but even from loved ones. Sudzilovskaya first, attending social events, skillfully masking his position. She is not closed off from society and when to hide the pregnancy became impossible. The actress wrote on Instagram that she became a mother for the second time in 42 years, immediately after the birth of her son Mike.

      “And now just do with the birth of our baby! In our family there is another man!” – wrote a celebrity in his Instagram.

      Maria Poroshina

      Actress Maria Poroshina is one of the few Russian Actresses that manages to be not only successful in their careers, but from time to time to retire cine to give birth to another child. Apparently, the slogan of the movie is the phrase “Happiness – not only in children but also in their numbers.” 42-year-old actress surprised fans with news of the birth of the fourth daughter.

      “Whenever the light appears a child, the world is turning and you have this way already belong to the people. With warmth, with tenderness. In every person I see only good,” – admitted in an interview with Maria Poroshina .

      She surprised her fans with the ability to give children unusual names. The star selects them, along with her husband, actor Ilya by Trinovum. Their youngest daughter they named Glafira. She has three sisters: Seraphim, Agrippina, and Pauline.

      Evelina Bledans

      Famous actress Evelyn Bledans with her husband, producer Alexander Syomin long dreamed about children. Happiness artist knew no bounds when at the age of 42 she found out about her pregnancy. Happy celebrity wanted to share with everyone. The star of the show with her husband often went out and gladly answered the journalists ‘ questions. A heavy blow of fate they suffered when the doctors said the child may be born with down syndrome. However, the celebrity couple was originally set to fight.

      Benjamin was born when Evelyn turned 43 years. The worst fears of the doctors were confirmed. Despite this, the actress and her husband consider themselves the most happy parents. And what’s more, the star of show business immediately after the appearance of the baby born started a page on the Network where she talks in detail about the development features of children with a terrible disease. To date, strong-willed parents have inspired many to give birth regardless of the diagnoses by physicians.

      Marina Zudina

      Actress and wife of Director Oleg Tabakov, Marina Zudina gave birth to daughter Masha in ‘ 41. Couple literally soared on the wings of happiness. After all, their eldest son was then 14 years old. The husband and wife did not think that will become parents. The name of the newborn chose the head of the family. Maitre confident that at least one child must be named after his mother. Did! By the way, Masha is the fourth, the youngest child of Oleg Tabakov. His two adult children from his first marriage long ago became parents themselves, giving the Director a long-awaited grandchildren.

      “Children and grandchildren suggests of immortality,” admitted in an interview with the happy father Oleg Tabakov.

      Marina Mogilevskaya

      The actress often calls herself “a girl late maturing”. Her most cherished dream – to give birth to daughter was only 42 years old. As told in an interview with movie star in her life was the moment when she became obsessed with her fantasy of the baby. If not a strong character, perhaps this passion would lead to trouble. But Marina was able to stop in time, pull myself together, believing in the greatest wisdom: “All the time”.

      “I have thought for many years about the child, but still didn’t work out: that the time is not enough, then there a number of men, from which I would like to give birth… However, every night before going to bed, I dreamed about her daughter. As you can see, the dream is really not bad thought attracts what you want!” – said in an interview the actress.

      The actress believes daughter Masha, the most important miracle in his life. However, after the birth of a child movie star was in service two months later. Now Marina often likes to take the baby to the shooting and the rehearsals, a young Polish instilling in her a love for art and beauty.