Егор Кончаловский перевез возлюбленную в свой дом The Director spoke about the new beloved. Yegor Konchalovsky gave to understand that he had no regrets about breaking up with his common law wife, actress Love Tolkalina. Today he builds a relationship with a woman who belongs to secular society.

      Егор Кончаловский перевез возлюбленную в свой дом

      The famous Director Yegor Konchalovsky became the hero of the next release of the software Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million”, where among other topics were discussed and the personal life of the Creator of the movie.

      As it turned out, after the break with his civil wife Love Tolkalina, which the public learned earlier this year, Egor Konchalovsky happy in a new relationship with a girl named Maria. Beloved Director does not belong to the secular society, by profession she is a lawyer and does not like to appear in public. “She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Name is Masha, daughter, – said Yegor Konchalovsky about the beloved. – We met in court. She protected me, and that I like it.”

      During an interview with Yegor Konchalovsky gave to understand that the relationship they have with Mary is serious. Love Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky happy in a new relationship

      Егор Кончаловский перевез возлюбленную в свой дом“Your beloved woman lives with you?” asked Lera Kudryavtseva his companion. “Yes, of course. Masha lives with me in my house,” said the Director.

      He invited a film crew of the programme in their country house with an area of six hundred square meters, where in addition to him and his beloved woman is his mother Natalia Arinbasarova and helpers. In a luxurious mansion four kitchens, five bathrooms, a Solarium, a massage Cabinet.

      On the ground floor is an apartment of Natalia Arinbasarova. Separate apartments are provided for the workers who care for the house and a large garden Konchalovsky.

      By the way, told Yegor Andreyevich, the mansion he began to build, when their joint Love Tolkalina daughter Masha was his little. The house was one of the reasons for disagreement of spouses. Tolkalina didn’t want to live outside the city, and Konchalovsky liked the quiet life away from the bustle of the capital.

      In addition, according to the Director, his former civil wife a very complex character, and he had to put a lot of effort to negotiate with Tolkalina.

      “I don’t like arguing with me. I am one of those men who believe that he is the main. And I had papers to prove any of this, – said Yegor Konchalovsky. We were arguing a lot over nothing. It’s also exhausting. In the end, I went to live in the city. We all parted slowly, and further, and wanted a natural way to reach it, and then make a joint statement, easy, without any strain or tension, that we broke up. Now each of us, me and Lyuba, lives his personal life.”

      Konchalovsky added also, that part with the woman with whom he had fourteen years of civil marriage, it was incredibly hard. But he has no regrets and even thought does not admit that they Love Tolkalina will once again be able to be together.