Зоя Бербер открыто заговорила о серьезной зависимости “StarHit” looked in the phone of the actress. The star of the series “Real boys” showed the contents of his gadget and explained that it uses most often, and openly admitted that they were not able to do without means of communication.

      Зоя Бербер открыто заговорила о серьезной зависимости

      The need to constantly be connected, the desire to do everything and to follow your own child has developed in the Zoya Berber special relationship. The star of the series “Real boys” can’t imagine life without a phone, and it successfully runs the business. “StarHit” looked in the gadget celebrity and found out what she enjoys, what kind of message sends to friends and how to motivate ourselves for a permanent job.

      As it turned out, the most used app in your phone star is Snapchat. Through this fashion program, the artist is having fun with her daughter, which is fun it is a special pleasure. “My daughter Nadia adore this app, always laugh at yourself, when you turn to a cartoon,” – said Zoya.

      Also, a large amount of time, the actress spends in the popular messenger Telegram, which is exchanged with your friends latest news and fun stickers specially created for her on all occasions. “My personal stickers created them each with bot @Stickers. Now raise everyone’s spirits!” – explained the star of the sitcom.

      Looking at the phone lock screen zoey Berber, it is possible to infer the mood in which she often resides. As it turned out, the picture set as the background in its gadget, it has to do with how she feels.

      “My phone is the most faithful companion! In one hand is placed on: a library, a cinema – everything you need for a relaxing stay. If I have an addiction? Yes, and I’m not a “treat”! Because to me it is convenient. So even a photo on the lock screen reminds me of three things: I should always be strong, beautiful and everywhere”.