В Киеве прощаются с Денисом Вороненковым A memorial service for slain ex-MP is held in the Vladimir Cathedral. Parting shot March 23 Denis by Voronenkova began on Saturday at noon Kyiv time.

      В Киеве прощаются с Денисом Вороненковым

      On Saturday 25 March in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev held a farewell to the dead in the days of the former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia, husband of the famous Opera singer Maria Maksakova Denis by Voronenkova. “Promise me I’ll die in your arms” — Maria Maksakova for the first time about the deceased husband

      The ceremony took place in the Vladimir Cathedral which is the Cathedral of the Kyiv Patriarchate. After the funeral the body politics will be his burial. As previously reported, was buried Denis Boronenkov will be in Kiev. This decision was made by close relatives of the deceased.


      The Church does not accommodate all wishing to say goodbye to the dead by Denis Voronenkova. More than a hundred people were left standing at the walls of the Church waiting for the coffin with the deceased will put on the street.

      According to local media reports, Denis Boronenkov Zverinetska will be buried at a cemetery in Kiev. After the service came to say goodbye to Denis voronenkova by people who wish to witness the traditions of his land, from the street Ivan Franko will take to the burial place of buses. Officially the cemetery is closed, it is allowed to bury only famous people. On the territory of the churchyard allocated a special place.

      В Киеве прощаются с Денисом Вороненковым

      All the public attention during the farewell chained to the widow of Denis Boronenkov Maria Maksakova. During the funeral service she stood near the coffin of her late husband, in the hand of Maria Maksakova held a candle. Maria was supported by Ilya Ponomarev, a friend of Denis Boronenkov, informing the public about the date and place of farewell to the dead. The man never moved away from the grieving widow. After the funeral, Maria Maksakova was unable to contain herself and burst into tears.

      About one o’clock on the Kiev time the coffin was carried out of the temple.

      The funeral procession arrived at the cemetery about two o’clock. Maria Maksakova was able to walk to the place of burial of her husband from the gates of the graveyard prepared for the deceased to the grave. A few minutes before stories of bodies at the earth forces finally left the young grief-stricken woman. It relied on the guards, ready at any moment to pick up the unfortunate widow.

      В Киеве прощаются с Денисом Вороненковым

      “Buried. Masha will remain in Ukraine”, – reported in his “tweet” Ilya Ponomarev. He also added that on March 31, on the ninth day after the death of Denis Boronenkov Maria Maksakova will sing in memory of my beloved man.

      В Киеве прощаются с Денисом Вороненковым

      We will remind, the former Deputy of the State Duma Denis Voronenkov was killed on 23 March in Kiev near the hotel “Premier Palace”. The killer was released in the ex-MP a few bullets from a pistol. The ensuing firefight between the attackers and the security guard Boronenkov, both men were wounded and taken to hospital. The person who shot former MP, died. State guard Denis Boronenkov remains serious, but fears for his life doctors have no.

      The wife of the murdered Denis Boronenkov Maria Maksakova was on the spot death of her husband within minutes after the incident, the poor woman lingered for a while at the hotel. Seen threw her into shock, Maksakova lost consciousness. Maria Maksakova arrived and fainted. PHOTO. VIDEO

      The Opera diva was taken under protection. Under enhanced protection Maria Maksakova is and currently, its carry on armored car. The star is sure: if Denis Boronenkov so guarded, things would be different. In the first after the death of her husband a great interview Maria Maksakova admitted that without hesitation would give his life for the man she loved.

      В Киеве прощаются с Денисом Вороненковым“In principle, if I could be there instead, I wouldn’t think so. Life without him is worse,” said the widow of the killed Denis Boronenkov.

      The tragic event caused a huge public outcry, as many have begun to encourage the actress to return to Russia, as well as to Express her sympathy with the loss of a loved one. Their romance began in Japan: a love story of Maria Maksakova and Denis Boronenkov

      Those who recently decried Maksakova for her departure to Ukraine, expressed readiness to support the singer in mournful days. In particular about this in his microblog said the famous musician and producer Maxim Fadeev.

      “I want to support this woman. Grief caught up with her, of course, terrible. I can’t see the footage, she faints and screams when the realization of losing a loved one. I have a lump in my throat. God forbid anyone to get into this situation: being in another country, with a small baby and a dead husband. I feel sorry for this girl. Maria, come Home, we are waiting for you, whatever it was,” written by Maxim Fadeev.