Одинокой Тамаре Дегтяревой помогли с ремонтом в московской квартире Workers provided the conditions in which you can move around in a wheelchair. Tamara Vasilievna complained to the creators of the program to the inconvenience of living in their own homes. The task of the designers was to arrange things so that the actress was comfortable.

      Одинокой Тамаре Дегтяревой помогли с ремонтом в московской квартире

      Actress Tamara Degtyareva became the heroine of the next release of the program of the First channel “a Perfect repair”. Not being able to function normally after a leg amputation, the actress turned to the experts of the famous TV show, and they rushed to help. Moscow artist housing is not suitable for human life, in a garage.

      For this reason, Tamara suffered inconvenience – she had to literally jump in the stroller through the nut, moving from the hallway into the kitchen, to risk yourself in the bathroom and the restroom. The confessions of the stars of Soviet cinema, she feels that in a few years will not be able to afford all these jumps in the stroller. Therefore, the main task of the workers and designers of the program was to create Degtyareva such conditions in which she will be comfortable and be safe in your own home.

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      People’s artist Tamara Degtyareva got in trouble

      While in the capital the apartment of the people’s artist undergoing repairs, she spent time at the hotel, where she sent the creators of the program. It was there that the star of the Soviet cinema spent time waiting and fantasizing on the subject of what could be her cosy house. Meanwhile, housing Tamara Vasilievna work was carried out – from the entrance and ending with the bathroom – everything is ready for a transformation.

      Talking about your favorite house, Tamara said that her kitchen is not just for cooking, but also to receive guests, the artist said, that this is a room in her apartment probably could be called a dining area, incorporating elements of the living room. This is where guests actress when visit her.

      Одинокой Тамаре Дегтяревой помогли с ремонтом в московской квартире

      Apartment Tamara Degtyareva turned into a luxury home with all amenities. The workers did every area of the apartment maximum comfortable and convenient for all household chores and household needs.

      So, the hall was equipped with the necessary sensors installed at the bottom. They will allow you to turn on the light when entering the apartment. The ceilings of the apartment made the light. Below the apartment was always bright lighting, have built built-in bulb around the perimeter.

      But the main miracle of the transformation of housing displayed in the bathroom. The sink matched in height, convenient for use by person with disabilities. In the bathroom there is a device that allows a comfortable shower.

      The first thing that drew the attention of the actress, is the lack of a ramp, which always complicates her entrance into this room.

      “Wow! Now, it will be convenient to get to the bathroom. Previously, I always nut interfere. Here everything is beautiful!” – admired the newly renovated Tamara Degtyareva.
      Одинокой Тамаре Дегтяревой помогли с ремонтом в московской квартире

      Emotions overwhelmed the actress, when she saw the new kitchen. It also masters provide all the details. For example, the height of the sink and for drying dishes. Now Tamara will be easy to do household chores. Particularly admired actress, seeing a new induction stove. It’s about this long dreamed of. Plate harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen. Working one wall was decorated with portraits of stars. Another modern photo Wallpapers with the types of ENEA. It is this spectacle called Tamara from the kitchen window.

      Одинокой Тамаре Дегтяревой помогли с ремонтом в московской квартире “How beautiful! How did you manage it all here to fit? I love it!” – shared her emotions with the actress.