Numerologist: “From heart problems Presnyakov-the senior will save the wife”

Нумеролог: «От проблем с сердцем Преснякова-старшего спасет жена» Last week, all fans of Vladimir Presnyakov-senior worried about their idol. The singer suffered a heart attack, he was hospitalized. Fortunately, doctors managed to stabilise his condition.
Нумеролог: «От проблем с сердцем Преснякова-старшего спасет жена»

According to doctors, today, the life of 72-year-old musician is not in danger. “Without the surgery helped therapy. And the crisis has passed. Just had time to arrange – call the doctors arrived “fast”. Still fighting and didn’t want to go to the hospital – had to be persuaded,” said PR agent, Vladimir Presnyakov-Junior Anna Isaeva.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of a celebrity and came to the conclusion, due to problems with his health.

“Vladimir Petrovich was born on the Day of purity, says Clara. His life code – 314279 – means that he is a carrier of signs peacemaker and progress, a man with incredible analytical skills and a big charisma. A hard worker, kind and very patient man, Presnyakov-senior, could become a judge or a lawyer – honest, fair, diplomatic and tactful. He’s the strongest organizer, but very boring person, not averse to succumb to some kind of adventure. He also has a great sense of humor.”

“The health of the artist is good, but you need to monitor the condition of the blood vessels, heart and lungs – they were weak”.

“Heart problems are caused because after my birthday on March 26, the star stepped energy downturn – continues Kuzenbaeva. Bit would be easier after the 5th of may, a little longer. But overall, this year is not easy, “minus”. Also a very difficult month for the stars will be August, especially from 29 August – end of summer will be a period when you can worsen chronic diseases and to remind myself of heart problems. Need to be careful and work less, otherwise there is a risk to undermine the health. You should also constantly monitor their pressure, it was normal. And help him in this wife, Elena Petrovna – the presence of my beloved and dear man would have a beneficial effect on the health of a celebrity. Vladimir and his family will stick to these recommendations, it has all chances to become a centenarian”.