Звезда «Дома-2» Рита Керн изменила мужчине, которого увела из семьи Girl with an impressive bust has revealed the secrets of the past. According to Rita Kern, many years ago, she worked in the service of providing various services to influential men. She now behaves differently with the opposite sex.
Звезда «Дома-2» Рита Керн изменила мужчине, которого увела из семьи

The former participant “Houses-2” Rita Kern is famous for its bright appearance. With the help of plastic surgery girl made luxurious bust. It is also four times your nose. Kern is proud of his chest. In a new vlog Amiran Sardarov “Diary Hacha” she openly talked about plastic, and remembered not the impartial facts of his biography.

“I have 1,400 milliliters, and I don’t even know what a breast size, but if 1400 is divided into two – this will probably be the eighth. Eight and a half is generally considered. But I actually have implants to order, they are very expensive! 35 thousand dollars at the old rate – like a machine. It’s like a hobby. Plastic is a hobby. Get used to it – it’s like going to the beautician. I look to them often – once a week,” shared Rita.

In one of the subjects of the core really goes to the beautician, where he asks to give her a special injection that will allow you to look much younger. The drug costs from the placenta. In a week Rita spends on beauty treatments approximately 20 thousand rubles.

Kern considers himself a specialist in the relationship between men and women. According to her, the partner needs to provide the girl. Many years ago, Rita had to work as an escort. She accidentally said a word during filming vloga.

Звезда «Дома-2» Рита Керн изменила мужчине, которого увела из семьи“I was involved in escort services, I do not hide. I lived with a man, was his servant. Was thinking about the arranged marriage. It was one of my biggest mistakes,” said Rita.
Звезда «Дома-2» Рита Керн изменила мужчине, которого увела из семьи

In addition, the Kern were married. According to her now ex-husband sometimes helps her financially.

“He is a foreigner, we met him a few years before began to live together. It is very interesting. One of the Directors at a large firm. He divorced to be with me. I was with him more than a month. We were going to get married, but I realized that I can’t do that… He gave me all that is necessary. Realized that I don’t like it. Had to pay full time and attention to him… I tried to love but couldn’t. I cheated on him. And he found out, I told myself,” admitted Rita.

Provocateur “House-2” Rita Kern: “the Male needs to provide for me”

Now the core no longer wants to change the appearance. She found true harmony. Girl looking for a father for her unborn child. The former participant “Houses-2” is going to store the chosen loyalty. According to Rita, she plans to solve the issue with the right to her man until the end of the year.