Jasmine is tired of the whims of her daughter

Жасмин устала от капризов дочери Margaret became ill during the journey. Jasmine suffers from the fact that three of the children require her attention, but she doesn’t know how to overcome her worries. The artist has asked for advice to other moms.
Жасмин устала от капризов дочери

Now the popular singer Jasmine decided to take a break and relax. However, the artist have a hard time. Together with her travel and the children: a 20-year-old Michael, 6-year-old Margaret and 2-year-old Myron that require her constant attention. The actress did not specify which resort she chose to leave.

Jasmine told fans that daughter Margaret was ill, and so now she’s trying to do to alleviate the suffering of the child. Right, now she has to compromise with his sons, who also want to be with mom as much as possible.

“With three kids sometimes makes me want to clone myself temporarily. Going on a vacation with all three, but upon arrival the Daisy of his having a cold, was cranky, and then mommy and it took a split personality. Mike to University soon, he arrived just a couple of days and wants mom to talk, to walk, to go to the restaurant. Myron constantly need my attention, but it can not be allowed to sneezing and coughing Daisy, which in turn terribly jealous, refuses to release me even for a moment, but still demands that no one bathed, since she can’t! And especially to Myron swam. In the end, we agreed that Myron is not going to bathe me, while Margarita hurts,” shared Jasmine with fans.
Жасмин устала от капризов дочери

However, it did not save the actress from further issues and claims of children. The singer is trying to alleviate the suffering of little Rita, but she has to face the whims and disobedience. “The next morning, the daughter was outraged that today she is exactly compensated (with a temperature of 38), and will have ice-cream (because I dreamed about it, and I allow her only on vacations), and our solution does not need her,” admitted the actress.

Jasmine asked for advice from other parents who are among the subscribers to its microblog. She didn’t know how to cope with the whims and jealousy of his daughter. The followers responded to the call of the artist and shared their experiences. “Even if my child is sick, she doesn’t indulge, and its requirements are partially performed, and that depends on what”, “to be patient and survive this period. A familiar situation, but, alas, children do not explain how hard it is for moms when they are sick”, or “Margaret is a big girl, try to explain that to her eldest sister and that there is still little brother, which is more difficult to explain what is possible, what is not,” wrote a follower.