Not for the faint of heart: Timothy dived to the sharks to surprise daughter

Не для слабонервных: Тимати нырнул к акулам, чтобы удивить дочь
The musician has performed another extreme act.


Photo: Instagram Timati

While the web continues to discuss whether a fashion model Anastasia
Reshetova married to Timothy and whether she’s his child, the rapper continues
to confirm the title of the coolest dad in the world. After all, for the touching
the relationship of a musician and three year old Alice watching millions of fans
ex-the graduate of “factory of stars”.

The girl’s life, really can be called a fairy tale, after all
famous dad is doing everything to ensure that Alice saw the world and got the
vivid memories. On the eve of Timati literally risked his life,
to entertain daughter. The musician was swimming with sharks in a huge aquarium with
glass walls. Alice watched him, thinking it another game.

An hour before, tightly fed the sharks. Not unseemly with Alice Timurovna, it would be to swim without a piece of legs ))

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The singer generally loves entertainment-related risk. Once
Timothy during the holidays was attacked by a predatory Barracuda, deceit and aggression
which is well known to experienced divers. Fish lashed out at nothing
suspecting the rapper when he was surfing.

Surfers are often attacked by sharks and barracudas.
The fact is that from the depths of the sea surfboard reminds predators
sea turtle meat which is a favorite food of the inhabitants
depths. Usually barracudas sink teeth into arteries and veins of the legs, causing
excessive bleeding that is difficult to stop. Fortunately, attacked
singer predator missed and bit his big toe.

Timothy then reacted to the incident with humor. “Barracuda
do not know how cheerful she turned the Breakfast,” he joked.