Semyon Treskunov commented on the death of a star “Teacher”

Семен Трескунов прокомментировал смерть звезды «Физрука»
Popular actor lost a close friend.

Semyon Treskunov and Yegor Konaev

Most popular young actor of the country Simon
Treskunov said about the death of his close friend. Yesterday it became known about
the fact that Yegor Konaev, known for her role in the TV series “the Teacher”, was tragically killed in
Moscow. In the eyes of 18-year-old actor was a car accident. One
the car turned over. Konaev stopped to help the victims. Alas,
the car that was driving behind him saw the accident and knocked three people. Yegor —
to death.

“That’s how many I remember myself — I never realized
death as final and inevitable condition of all around. Not short.
Late last night part of me died — killed Egor Konaev — said Semyon
Treskunov, who was a close friend of the actor. And only then did I realize that
is death. It’s all the same, only when you’re not. These are the same people, the same
places, times, stars, cities, roads — but without you. My friend, I have always been very bad with
the expression of feelings. I’ve always been terribly fixated on themselves and their problems, and could not boast of such responsiveness and
kindness had on you. And I could very rarely tell you that
love you and appreciate you that a huge part of my life is you and all that
you are, but even though it’s late still I want to believe that you
you see and hear.
I, like many people on this planet, can not and
didn’t know how to appreciate the moment. Pathologically. You could. You got a tattoo “Forever
young” and seems to really stay this way forever. No one will call
and not to say that it was a joke, and then it’s done.
But you had another tattoo. “Don’t let
out light his way.”
I will not vouch for everyone, but I promise you that in
me your light never goes out. I hope parallel worlds sent you
on and you don’t know what the hell is going on in this. But died yesterday
you, and some very important part of me. And it has finally. Sleep well.
We here look”.