Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky revealed the sex of their child

Дакота и Влад Соколовский раскрыли пол своего ребенка
Stars said, waiting for someone: a boy or a girl.

Photo: Instagram

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota concealed that they expect the firstborn quite a long time. The star decided to talk about the upcoming addition, only when the singer was already in her sixth month of pregnancy. Since then, fans were interested in the main question, who is born to star couple — a boy or a girl. They watched everything that they tell the parents, and what to buy. Seeing the frame in a pink Onesie, immediately began to write everywhere that it’s a girl. But in the next post Dakota published photos of blue bonnets — and then the view changed to the opposite. Some have even suggested that Rita and Vlad buy clothes in both colors because they are expecting twins…

Anyway, the stars promised soon to tell, waiting for someone. And a promise fulfilled! At the end of its last vloga on their own YouTube channel star finally admitted.

“We’re having a girl!” — told them.

A name for the baby, they also have chosen. We will name her MIA. By the way, if they had a son, it would be called the max.

Before giving birth Rita was only a few weeks. The singer is now in 37th week and that means in just a few days the baby will be considered full term. Usually doctors wait until 40 weeks and if the baby does not “ask” on the light itself, scheduling a caesarean section.

Dakota and Sokolov is almost ready for baby. They moved into a new country house, made there repair. It only remained to arrange the nursery. By the way, little MIA is not one room but a whole floor!