Нонна Гришаева предотвратила преступление
The actress has not given abortion.

Нонна Гришаева предотвратила преступление

Nonna Grishaeva, Igor Afanasiev and actor of youth theatre Anton Bogdasarov.

Learn the unusual story of a couple who, after a quarrel decided to divorce and
abortion — and should have been born twins, a boy and a girl —
Nonna Grishaeva intervened and did all in his power to save the situation.

This became known on the eve of the premiere of “the Forbidden fruit”
Moscow regional youth Theatre, which runs Grishaeva. And the story of a couple —
this is the plot of the play, which begins… with the two unborn
little men sitting in the womb. Adorable brother and sister
fall in love room with a first minute fight, make up, dance
eavesdrop on adult conversations, which are coming to them from somewhere
from the outside, discuss the names that dad and mom want to give them… But
break the audience go in shock: the parents of the twins quarrel and
sounds inevitable word: abortion.

Starring Elena Korobeynikova and Zakhar Ronzhin

In the second step, the same actors we saw in the role of brother and
sisters playing parents. In the heat of the moment they recognized each other, which is not
exactly how I imagined family life, and trying to figure out what to do

As it turned out, “abortion” threatened and very unique performance. Director
Igor Afanasyev has started to put his play as an independent project
invited for the main roles of two actors from different Moscow theatres…
suddenly the unexpected happened. “In the midst of our “thrown” producer —
said Igor 7days.ru.
— Everything stopped and froze, we are left without a job, without money… the Performance could never be born if not for Nona V., which
learning about our troubles, supported our project and offered to put on the stage of the theatre”.