Дженнифер Лоуренс стало слишком просто обнажаться на площадке
27-year-old star is afraid that startled the industry for his shamelessness.

Дженнифер Лоуренс стало слишком просто обнажаться на площадке

Jennifer Lawrence in the movie “Red Sparrow”

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is known for his revelations. She admitted that filming his last movie “Red Sparrow,” I felt completely comfortable in the Nude. Her character is a ballerina who became a spy, appears completely naked on the screen. So Jennifer said that she and her colleagues on the court was clearly uncomfortable when she refused to throw herself a Bathrobe in between takes!

“I asked you to bring me tea, then coffee, then something to eat and all this, staying in the Nude. And offers to throw on a Bathrobe, quietly protested! I think I scared everyone!”, — said one of the highest paid Actresses in Hollywood. But not so long ago, in 2016, Jennifer was almost in tears, complaining how she was very ashamed and uncomfortable to kiss in front of the camera with Chris Pratt! Because he has a wife, and it was actually her first kiss with a married man! Had her before shooting even drink a couple of shots of vodka to calm down.

Jennifer Lawrence at BAFTA


It seems that since then much water has flowed. Now even Jennifer likes to show its charms, and certainly don’t have completely naked on the set. But she at the last ceremony of the British Academy BAFTA was in such revealing dress that even the saints fans. And even lead the ceremony, which took place in the famous albert hall in London, was ridiculed. That has already received criticism. It seems that Lawrence was tired and behaves sometimes not quite adequately. Moreover, recently having split with Director Darren Aronofsky, she never found a new boyfriend. And endlessly complains of loneliness, which, she believes she’ll never leave it.