Анфиса Чехова в бане: «Не боюсь показаться сумасшедшей!»
The presenter made an intriguing confession.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhova
made a splash on the Internet, posting a photo where she poses in sexy swimsuit in the bath. As you know, the star who now leads the show
on STS “a Balanced and happy people”, can now afford to boast
chiseled figure. Because the presenter has lost thirty pounds. In this case
Anfisa does not get tired to say that the secret of her slimness is not so much
sport and proper nutrition (although it is, of course, present in the life of
artist), but a change of attitude towards yourself. Now Chekhov likes to speculate on this subject, and to compare his former self with that which it
became. The post accompanying this photo is no exception.

“When I was young and not too confident
the girl was very afraid to disappoint anyone, — said the presenter. —
So out came always like on the red carpet: luxury
sexy outfit and in full war paint. And the outfit was going to buy before
I on this date… was invited At the meeting tried
to tell you about all the biased, flirted, joked, has a lot of charm
she twisted the strand of hair on my finger every half hour and ran in to the mirror,
comb your hair and powder my nose… I really didn’t want to disappoint! So that
after a date is often allowed a cute guy to kiss her, though
absolutely was not ready for it, and didn’t even understand what feelings are caused in
me this man! Eventually, Dating became for me the flour, voltage,
something uncomfortable and unloved! I still, out of habit, shakes
from the word “Date”. In the process of working on my self-esteem, I realized,
from any process in my life, I have to enjoy it! And more
should nothing to anybody! I can only communicate with those with whom I really
interesting, and you can get up and walk away, if a person behaves
impermissible. I stopped being afraid to disappoint anyone! After all, if the person
I don’t like, such as it is, why, in fact, to spend
time? There exists a sufficient number of those who will enjoy fellowship with the
me, no matter what crazy thing I was carrying and what folly did! I don’t
feel uncomfortable saying “No.” Because I have that right! And also have
right to change your mind one day and say, “Yes!” I’m not afraid to sound boring,
mad or Moody… I don’t understand why need to be afraid to show
feelings and emotions? If someone decided to play with me, one day he will understand that
plays in one of the gates, and I’m just a spectator who at any moment can stand up and
go to the place where it truly expect and appreciate! I’m not afraid to disappoint!
Because I know who I am and what I want! If I’m not matched with someone else
expectations, then expect me not me.”

Reflections of Anfisa and spicy photo shoot was
adopted by fans to cheer. Many fans agreed
what Chekhov says is absolutely right, and bombarded her with compliments.