No offense: Maxim Vitorgan not have enough space on own premiere

Без обид: Максиму Виторгану не хватило места на собственной премьере
The film “Perverts” with their participation, the actor watched, sitting on the steps.

Без обид: Максиму Виторгану не хватило места на собственной премьере

Agniya Kuznetsova and Maxim Vitorgan

Photo: Maxim Lee

National festival of debuts “Movement” in Omsk continues
pamper premieres, about which virtually no information online. On the eve of
aspiring Director Nadezhda Mikhalkov has surprised the pilot series Comedy
the project about her sister Anna and her sons. A few hours later the twins Dasha and Katya Spout first showed the filmed part of their series “Perverts”
(Work in progress), where this was going
the star structure that is envied and venerable Directors. In this project,
for example, played Evgeny Stychkin and his wife Olga Sutulova, Mariya shalayeva, ravshana Kurkova.

For all the actors at the premiere puffing by one of
the main roles Maxim Vitorgan. It is curious that he does not have enough space in the visual
hall. The actor could, of course, to show character and demand the chair, and, in
any row in the selection. But Maxim did not disturb anyone in the audience who
came to see the film with his participation.

For a few seconds he sat down next to agniey Kuznetsova,
to take a selfie and then gave place to some lady. And then Vitorgan
located right on the floor in the aisle, the company he was Artyom Tkachenko (it
ex-wife ravshana Kurkova, who also starred in “the Perverts”, are unable to get on the show, at this time she is in the jury of the competition program documentary
films were evaluated next films – contenders for the prize of the festival “Movement”).

Без обид: Максиму Виторгану не хватило места на собственной премьере

Artyom Tkachenko, Maxim Vitorgan and Eduard Moshkovich located right on the floor

Photo: Maxim Lee

Maksim Vitorgan is one of the most active participants in Omsk
festival. The actor is part of the jury of the main competition, along with Valery
Todorovski, Yana Troyanova, Natalia Mishaninoj and Eduard Moshkovich. In this case
Maxim watching movies in other categories, and participates in round tables and leads
an active social life. To be in good shape to Vitorgan missing a few
mugs of coffee and dark chocolate tiles with which it comes sometimes in the auditorium.

Husband of Ksenia Sobchak, incidentally, enjoys a special attention from the Omsk women
which can not remain indifferent at the sight of his tie-“butterfly”, stylish sunglasses or a plaid jacket in the style of London dandies. So elegant and bright in this town dress up
only the visiting stars. By the way, the opening day of the festival at the hotel serves a perfectly ironed white shirt, the actor just a couple of minutes, which is very much
surprised Vitorgan, such a service he had not seen even at the elite foreign

Dasha and Katya Spout with producer Andrew Migachevir

Photo: Maxim Lee

And yet the main characters at the premiere of “Perverts” were
sister’s Nose, heiress of the famous acting dynasty (his father, Vladimir
The nose has played in the Comedy “the Most charming and attractive”, their uncle Valery Spout,
and cousin – Alexander Nosik). Girls themselves starred in many movies,
before he decided to try his hand at directing. In the record from
Dasha and Katya, there are two short films, now they dropped the series.

By the way, the girls are so similar that they even had to do different
haircuts to distinguish between them at least colleagues and friends. Now the secret sisters
Nose to reveal very simple, they can be distinguished by the length of the hair: D (Dasha = long hair) and To
(Kate = short hair).

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